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2016 NBA Finals

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African American Ambassadors --read this information with care

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Missionary Baptist Church in Conetoe, North Carolina

The Conetoe Family Life Center, established in 2007, mission is to improve the health of the youth and community by increasing access to healthy foods, increasing physical activities and providing access to health services. The goal is to change the poverty cycle in families through improving the resources available to families, specifically children. “Change the children by education and opportunity = Change for the family.”…


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The Ruins of Gedi

The Ruins of Gedi are the remains of a Swahili town located in Gedi, a village near the coastal town of Malindi in Kenya.[1]

From the 13th or 14th to 17th…


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History is a Weapon

I am sure that this BOOK, "The Miseducation of the Negro", can be found in a number of places on this web-site, but just in case it can not be located we are posting this link here for the interested.

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Jackie Robinson testifies before HUAC

Added by Clifford Black on February 19, 2016 at 4:03pm — 5 Comments

A futurist view

Read and determine if this is a plan that you can deal with!


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Nas is Like

Nas is Like

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A great read

Bill Cosby Jr.

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No Grain, No Pain Free

In the tradition of "Wheat Belly "and "Grain Brain"- "No Grain, No Pain "demonstrates the proven link between a gluten-heavy diet and chronic pain and discomfort--and offers a groundbreaking, 30-day, grain-free diet plan to help you heal yourself from the…

Added by Clifford Black on February 11, 2016 at 1:14pm — 1 Comment

History   This thread will connect data that may help students to understand what this science is, and why it is valuable.

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The Healing Properties Of Water

As an added benefit to what the diligent student may gain, from learning how to study history, we will also, for the month, of February, look into the study of WATER.  Please go to the Blog tab on the main menu and click.  Now place into the search bar the word water.  You should now receive a book written by the Batman. If you are interested look on the main page and you will find THE WATER EXCHANGE.  Click the button for information and directions/phone#.  Be sure to tell Don that…


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Saint Maurice

This story is found in German, Swiss and Ethiopian cultures.....


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Black History Month 2016


 Today is the first day of February, 2016.  From now, until the end of this month, the Wednesday night Dictionary Class will focus on the event known as Black History. If you have an interest in Learning about this subject, you want to attend the class this month. We will discuss the nonsense, that is now, the current Gossip and ask the question about Black History as a subject, discipline and/or Science. Everyone will Learn Something about this much talked about…


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Important Article

The Age of Social Transformation - Peter Drucker

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