Al Lewis

Race: A creature of the imagination

By: Al Lewis

"I know there is no such thing as a white race and many so called white people must know it also so I guess they are just going to "ride it on out."

That really tickled me as I thought about how smug they appear in their pseudo whiteness when in fact white, as a race, does not exist and never has.

It was and is the fictitious fabrication of one man, Johann F. Blumenbach, a German so called Anthropologist, who erroneously believed that the home of the so named and so called white race was the Caucasus mountain region. It was later proven to be in error with not a scintilla of scientific evidence to support the theory as it was and still is.

Blumenbach, also theorized that things such as skin color, facial features and especially cranial shapes added or subtracted to the beauty of a people.. He, of course, postulated that the so called white race was the most beautiful race and thus many governments and so called scientists, companies, authors, including Thomas Jefferson in his "Virginia Papers" and other statesmen and grad vizers would use this pseudo science to establish and maintain the oppression of brown skinned people.

By the way he, Blumenbach, later recanted most of what he proffered, especially the part about the negative characteristics of so called black people. It is said he met a woman of color so beautiful, well you can imagine the rest. Don't take my word for it, Google it for yourselves and weep your pink asses off. No pun intended since if you are a so called white person your actual skin color is closer, much closer to pink than white. A truly white people would look more like albino or alabaster.

What is really hilarious is many so called white people allowed themselves to embrace this lie as fact and still perpetrate this myth to this very day. However, and as strange as this might seem, the greatest perpetrators of the lie are so called black people themselves.

You see not only did Blumenbach invent the myth of so called white people he also invented the myth, label and non scientific characteristics of what he referred to as Negroid, from negro, a Spanish word simply meaning black.

Colleges, Universities and school systems, especially public school systems, to this very day in many instances still teach this nonsensical Classifications of Race) made up bullshit. But what takes the cake is that in 2014, in an age of almost instantaneous information, people still have the nerve and audacity to proclaim their whiteness as if that means something when in fact it was and is a lie out of the box!

Now if you refer to yourself as a black person. Think about that one. If the concept came from a German and it did, just as the concept of a white person came from the same person, how in hell are you claiming any form of independent thought when in fact the very label you embrace was created by someone who defined that same label as an inferior being? That is unless you were coming of age in the mid to late 1960s, and that's another story.

Please, I'm begging some genius to make some goddamn logic out that one? You cannot do that with some "pretend to be" shit. You cannot fit square pegs into round holes and think they will fit. Have you ever considered that you may have to recede back to square one and put this thing together as it is and not as you believe and now just want it to be?

That is the "Ought to be World", Professor Clifford Black likes to elucidate. It is your own reality based on someone else's illusion, Blumenbach's in fact. There is something they call people who do that, delusional. Isn't it amazing, as in a maze of confusion, that all this time you have believed you were living in your world, meaning "man's view" when in FACT your very existence was the fabrication of your maker, old Johann in this case, if you indeed believe you are black. Life's a MF ain’t it? Ignorance is a greater one.

Sorry to break the news to you also. Just tired of the insanity. So you think you are just going to just ride it on it out huh? No you are not. You see the so called white people of lore and legend were and are insane, crazy and cracked, that's why they were called crackers. Many of them came from the mental institutions of the times and they were nothing nice. No one people could live under the conditions of the British Empire and not be all kind of fucked up.

Now I am not being critical of them, I am being factual about them. However, free people who were stolen and kidnapped from the interior of Africa where they never beat their babies would now do to their offspring what some crazy motherfuckers did to them and justify it. What a turn of events. I guess one can say damn near all Americans, the so called black and so called white ones, are crackers now. For certain their behaviors and actions parallel the behaviors and actions of a crazed (cracked) group.

I remember a few years ago having a conversation with a so called white person who was attempting to compare the so called white race to the so called black race. He was going on and on about who made this, who invented this and that. I said nothing in defense. He looked at me rather surprised. He thought I was the poster boy for blackness, he even called me that.

He then aid, "Al Lewis you crazy SOB when I dream I see you in my dreams with your finger pointed at me and I hate you for that!". I am, however the poster boy pointing out the evil and hatred of what people love to call racsim. I am the poster boy for truing truth! He was all inflated and he finished it off with Alexander Bell’s little creation, the telephone. Man was he looking smug and curious.

So I said to him, "That seems like an awful lot of creations and inventiveness, but look let me ask you something. Are you any relation to the Bell family?" He replied that he wasn't. I then asked him was he receiving any kind of residual payments from any of those inventions and creations he just spoke so vehemently about? He said; "Why no. I am not." So I asked him what the hell he was talking about? His sorry ass ain’t invented jack and he thinks he can now inflate and feel better about his own ineptitude.

He took a deep breath and told me to go fuck myself. I just laughed and he didn't look too white either. In fact the color was beet red. I told him I loved him anyway. I told him I understood how the delusional self works, but not to worry his secret was safe with me. I lied. You know what I do like this man. I consider him a friend to this day. It is not his fault that a delusion was created to keep people separted.

"The ancients Egyptians were a great people, we created the pyramids" is the working mantra for a select group of pseudo intellectual, jack boot so called black revolutionaries. I hate to burs their bubble, I don't really, that's just some cool shit to write but, we ain’t created shit nor have you unless you did designed the pyramids, designed and created a society that enriched you and co-founded a version of civilization that is unheralded, but you have no claim to what they did. All that counts is what YOU do. The accomplishments of another, another group, another civilization, another era are NOT YOUR accomplishments. You have no laurels to rest on. That's just fantasy.

It serves the delusional self, the perception of whom one believes and wants to be, especially when the construct they live in has created gradients of superiority based on physical characteristics for people. That part of the delusional self loves feeling special, though in and of itself it knows it doesn't deserve it, just as the great majority of so called white people know they don't either, that being special because of their perceived whiteness and the alleged privileges that are associated with it.

Now along comes a Clifford Black, who just blows that ship out of the water not only about race, but upon careful and meticulous inspection of language and how it works, points out that even the word slave has it origin and association in of all places Europe with the Slavic speaking peoples.

For any so called white person claiming superiority by association only, you just bought a good scoop of fried ice cream. Meanwhile down here on the ground shit is falling apart all around you. Many of you have lost jobs, homes, and dignity. You are marching on Wall Street and they are arresting you, and not the criminal bastards that fucked you over. Isn't that amazing?

Tell you what, go there and proclaim your whiteness and see what it's going to get you? I can already tell you, the same thing it got the Bonus Expedition, killed and arrested. As the signifying monkey said to the lion, "You been bullshitted again." You see you were always just honorary white people until you crossed the line and found out you too are just a battery in the matrix. Sorry I had to break it to you like this.

Everybody keeps talking about race, but they have never had a real conversation about it. They only talk about the peripheral and superficial, the results, but not the source. They take modern contextual definitions and transport them back thousands of years and think they will find and see truth. Impossible!!!!!!!

Copyright 2014

Billy Natalie Chism
Billy Natalie Chism Welll i only know of one race and that is the human race and i am part of that one. I am not white i am beigh however you spell it lol i an unique in all the world cuase God made one of me and that is it. I am a child of the one true king.
Maria D Taylor Williams
Maria D Taylor Williams I've studied with Dr. Black... Throughout middle and high school...
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Clifford Black
Clifford Black Yes you did Ms.Taylor and I hope that what you learned has been of help in your development. And you must call me!
Clifford Black
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