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The Real Dr. Valentin Narcissi

I must confess I am a fan of of several of HBOs series, especially if they have anything to do with gangsters and most especially if they were of color.

From childhood I have been fascinated with bad men or bad niggers as they were called. I had several uncles that fit the description of being bad niggers and one in particular who was the certified true blue odie real thing. In fact on the front of the program at his funeral it read, Ardell "Ganster Red" Lewis.

I didn't… Continue

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The Bridge

This is the second in a series of mini articles I committed to sharing about my particular and nuanced veiws of certain songs and the artists who wrote, produced, sang, and played on them.

Let me be perfectedly clear. I am an unabashed fan of Rhythm & Blues. It is, I think, one of the purest forms of projection of human emotion ever created by man. It contains many nuances,… Continue

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Jackie Wilson - Danny Boy

► 4:36► 4:36

Perhaps the most dynamic singer of all time. With a soaring operatic voice measuring three and a half octaves the man, dubbed Mr. Excitement, captivated audiences.

The studios provided so called white background singers, as they also did with Ray Charles and Sam Cooke. I have no clue as to why, but these brothers did some marvelous things with thepose… Continue

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A Crash Landing

Pestilence, Famine, War

The three great population controllers and regulators have been disrupted and manipulated. The results have been the exponential growth of one species over all others on this planet. It is estimated that Earth's human population doubled from 3 billion in 1963 to 6 billion by February 2002. A mere 39 years. Right now in 2013 it is at or may have surpassed 7 billion. According to mathematical statistics while the human population is doubling it is also doing so… Continue

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Self, A Short Story

I remember one of the first mental crisis I went through was trying to attain an indentity when I was in 8th grade. Now I didn't tell myself that was what I was Going through. It is only through retrospect that I learned that was what was happening to me.

I had reached puberty and all the associated issues, both physical and emotional, that goes with it. I was in a school where I didn't know many people and they all seemed to be so far ahead of me in the ways of life.

My… Continue

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Self and Group Determination: Never get the two confused.


Which is what many people of color in the USA have been taught to think. One of the mantras of the Afro-Centric attempt at establishing itself as a vanguard movement was and is the theory of Self Determination. Oh it sounds good, but what does it actually mean? Look carefully at how it has been projected. “We, as the black community, need to strive for self determination” or “We need to empower ourselves through self…


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On Charter Schools: A thought and a theory.

Here is what I think. I think that when the U S government figured out that revolutionary thought and protest was being seeded in the public schools and colleges and universities, and that children and young were being solicited and enrolled in the various black power struggles that it frightened someone real bad. I think decisions were made to indoctrinate those urban children to never have thoughts of protest again. Federal funding was pumped into the school… Continue

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Reparations or Retribution?


To repair or to repay? That is the question.


For years there has been a call for reparations to and for so called black people with little thought by the masses of what they are seeking and what they are actually saying. Take into consideration that just because one does not know the meanings of words they invoke does not mean that the true sense of the word is not being activated. Sometimes one can believe they are saying something with intellection…


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How did you first meet Dr. Black?

Please share with us how, when and where you first met Dr. Black? I encourage you to share as much as possible, your impressions, thoughts and feelings, how has the work impacted your life? What did you do as a result of. Please feel free because you are free to go as deep as you'd like. I think it important that we create our own history and he is the common thread that have woven us together. I would like to preserve this for the anticipated new…


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This method is much older than civilization.

Hunter-Gatherers’ Playful Parenting

Playful parenting is founded on trust.

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Who authorized the authorities?

  • Do you ever question the authority of the authorities, the experts, the pundits or are you steeped into the tradition and belief that you must obey? Do you ever challenge the rule, the law, the policy? Who…

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Is Inception real?



Is the new black, African, conscious movement, as they call themselves, attempting to replace white imperial thought, idea and theory with black imperial thought, concept and theory?  First off let us address, white and black, preceding thought, concept and theory. There is no white or black thought, theory or concept, all thought is colorless. The people who identify themselves as black or white in this context had nothing to do with…


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Initiation 2

A good friend of mine wrote me and asked me a few questions about initiation. 

I want to know within myself just how deep the slave program runs. Can you help me with that? 

I say perhaps, according to how deep you are willing to go and most importantly acknowledge what you find. 

I want to know if tribalism=socialism or anti-capitalism and if so, can tribes make money and obtain wealth without being agents of the…


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Race a paradox? or Are you ready?

There was a program that aired on CNN concerning race. It was worth watching to see the children's reaction to it. It just happened to be about race in the United States. I deduced from viewing it that it may be a wise thing to de-label oneself especially if the label is false and ladened with shards of…


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Four Questions


1. What is it that you know that you know?

2. What is it that you know that you don't know?

3. What is it that you don't know that you know?

4. What is it that you don't know that you don't…


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The Boiling Frog -Excerpt from Daniel Quinn's, "The Story of B."

This is one of my all time favorite stories from my all time favorite book. Enjoy!



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Two Stories About being Black

Black is beautiful - You Think?

Willie Jones was a Negro teenager I knew back in Jr. High. He happened to be one of the darkest humans I ever had the pleasure of seeing and meeting. He has the whitest teeth and his dark hue added to their brilliance. He had a wonderful personality and was a…


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The Clocktower


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Only the Shadow Knows?

Shadow –a term that is said to have been coined by the Swiss Psychoanalyst, Carl G. Jung. It is believed that ‘Jung’ became aware of this ritualistic process while observing activities of what was then called tribal people, on the continent of Africa. This process has now been developed to fit western standards and definitions and utilized to describe certain characteristics of the psyche, that we repress, depress, oppress, deny, and in certain instances project onto others. Carl Jung… Continue

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