Is the new black, African, conscious movement, as they call themselves, attempting to replace white imperial thought, idea and theory with black imperial thought, concept and theory?  First off let us address, white and black, preceding thought, concept and theory. There is no white or black thought, theory or concept, all thought is colorless. The people who identify themselves as black or white in this context had nothing to do with creating imperial conception so they cannot logically lay claim to it.  


Imperialism is related to empire building or expansion. While there are people on this planet and have been for millennia, who are and were imperialists I doubt very seriously if the new African Nazis fall into that category. First off they are broke and pretty much powerless, no need to pursue that any further.


So exactly what are they talking about? A variety of things mostly associating themselves with ancient civilizations, especially Kemit or Egypt, that they have no genetic connection to, none whatsoever. That would be tantamount to American Indians saying they should be powerful because they are the decedents of the first dynasty in ancient China.  In their instance they may have a better case of connecting to China than the various peoples who call themselves African America or blacks can to Egypt. 


Obviously everyone who has an interest in ancient Egypt doesn’t think this way, but there are large infestations on the internet who are convinced they are Imhotep and Nefertitti incarnate. Now I’m good with all of that except when any thought or person who thinks differently contrary to their beliefs are targeted with spurious attack, not about their thoughts, but the person is attacked. I find that childish, pointless, feckless and actually an inferior behavior.


I understand bluff and bluster when I read it. I also understand the serious and deadly identity wounds these folks must be suffering if they have to reach way back into antiquity to validate their present existence. A whole, an integrated person needs nothing made up, guessed at or believed to be who and what they are. The very fact that they are here, and present is sufficient reason for their beingness. If I have to go into detail then obviously you are not one of those beings.


However, what really is toxic is that they would embrace a system of thinking, imperialism and the desire to dominate as their weltanschauung. That is telling in and of itself. To employ the same methods of their oppressor is not only short sighted, but just as evil. I ask, “Can’t you do any better than that?” Is that the only way to think about your world? A narrow world at that, one that constricts and hates freedom because if you want to  think for anyone else or require anyone to think and believe as you do you have simply built a shadow monument to those that you claim you hate. The odd part is you cannot see yourself. You think it’s the other while all the time it is you. 


The vain and smug attempts to differentiate yourselves from those of us you hold in contempt has only served to make you disdainful and contemptuous. The fleeting moments you can feel good about your specialness looks a lot like the religious zealots and bigots I see in Jackson Square in New Orleans proclaiming Jesus hates everyone but them. That is how you are showing up. My question is, is that how you want to show up? 


Society requires that the ego or the false sense of self create an environment where it can feel special even if special is insane and fringe. Society needs the fringe, the bizarre to use as examples for the masses of how not to be. To that end your choice may not be choice at all. It may be the constructs way of using you for its aim. It’s happened to smarter folks than you. That is what the conversation between Neo and the Architect in Matrix 2 was about. Your choice is not only nothing new, it’s anticipated, planned and accounted for. That my dear gentle readers, if you fall into the category I have been writing about, would make you anticipated, planned and accounted for. 


While your desire for change may be a good thing your application is flawed and defective if you want to get out of the matrix. You cannot accomplish that by mimicking and paying honor and tribute to it and indeed your behavior and actions are a testament to how much you love it for you act no different than those that kidnapped, stole and imprisoned those you claim are your ancestors, free people from the interior of Africa. You are not behaving like those prisoners, you are behaving like the nigga slaves from the empires that conscripted them to participate in those raids into the interior.


While you love the mantra, “Wake Up”, have you ever considered, do you ever ponder that perhaps, just maybe it’s your voice, the part of you that may have some sense of consciousness left, if possible, that may be shouting at you to wake up from your induced slumber?

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Comment by Clifford Black on September 8, 2011 at 3:44pm

Namaska Adisa.

What u are doing is for your own salvation-sooooo,be careful with what U do for others---do not use God's time in vain-AKA (a waste of time). I SEE YOU LORD!

Comment by Adisa on September 7, 2011 at 5:08pm

Dr. B,

I dont know about being anyone's savior, but I will gladly try and give a kick to those that seem to be in the dream state.  Linking my experiences with the objective from this movie; to go deep in Fisher's subconscious, directing him on a different path of choice, but have him believe he was willingly making this choice.  I know that this process was inflicted on me since birth, by individuals either knowingly but more than likely unknowingly.  Thinking back on the most recent census, there was actually a controversy with the terms Negro, Black, African American.  How is that for inception, a controversy to use a term created for you but not by you. 

Comment by Clifford Black on September 6, 2011 at 1:38am


It is late nite, Labor day, and I have only now come across this wonderful thread that the three of U and others have been engaged with and I must say I SEE YOU !!!



Comment by Clifford Black on September 6, 2011 at 1:27am

@Al & Adisa-I guess we have found the new N-saviors---in the realizations and revalations that the two of you are projecting about this inception process,  are you maybe telling everyone that you are ready to take on the task of the Black Lantern?


Comment by Aaron (Al) Lewis on September 3, 2011 at 8:23pm
Adisa, brother powerful statements of realization. What I always wanted was to expand my consciousness, not expand someone else's beliefs. Ih the litany you just pasted are large chasms without the vital contextual nuance needed to leap that gulf of it becoming vertical. Therefore in embracing that linear example I had to ignore my own logic and fill that void up with huge, fantastical beliefs about who I was and where I came from.
Comment by Adisa on September 2, 2011 at 12:45pm
Thinking of the movie Inception and the dream within a dream concept the characters were trying to implant, it reminds me of the rabbit holes I kept looking during my “call to wake up.” As a child my Inception journey takes me from African American, back to Afro American, back to Black, back to Negro, back to colored, back to slave, back to Africa. Most recently it was we are Moors, we are the true Indians, we are descendants of the Olmecs , we are descendants of the Egyptians, we are the original people from Khemet, etc. All ideas presented to me gradually, without my input or participation in determination. So speaking for me, I know inception is real. I listen really carefully to the words people use now, and am astonished how some use words thinking they really understand what it is they are saying when actually they are projecting thoughts. And if one is not careful of this one day he or she may wake up being someone or a part of something without realizing it was not their thought that gut them in that position. The concept of black consciousness is relatively new to me as well and I realize it doesnt take long for music to start reflecting what the "community" is talking about. Someone has the hand on the pulse and is not only taking notice but putting the thoughts out to the masses.
Comment by Clifford Black on May 31, 2011 at 11:10pm

Namaska Sister Nefer:

Watch the movie and then talk to Young Mr. Jones when he comes to class (son of V. McVay) and bring it up in class and I will do my best to help you SEE it.


Comment by Nadine on May 31, 2011 at 9:04pm

What is inception? My dictionary says it's an act, process, or instance of beginning, to begin or to take. I would say  I can make it a reality. Please assist


Comment by Aaron (Al) Lewis on May 31, 2011 at 5:17pm
Still waiting on someone to address inception though?
Comment by Aaron (Al) Lewis on May 31, 2011 at 4:58pm

Vernessa, I appreciate and respect Mr. Black more and more because in attempting to adopt his style of engagement to my style I have found how really difficult and frustrating it can be to have a decent conversation with people who are pre-disposed to believe nonsense.  I have to look and laugh at myself because I too was one of those individuals and he was patient with me as long as I was willing to do the work. 


You see it is easy to just lecture and make a bunch of statements fraught with belief and opinions, but when one is seeking and searching for truth and trying to help others to see what is before them and they are stuck in "nonsensical realities" to borrow a phrase from the good doctor, well that's truly heart attack, break down, shoot at everybody and stroke terrain. 


Sometimes, not all, but sometimes I find it difficult and unpleasant working with just one  person. To have done this for decades especially with adults, children are not that hard, well the brother deserves a mansion a trillion dollars and personal valet and maid service 24/7/365. The great majority of people on the planet would have stepped off, gotten rich and been selling you this process for $10,000 a pop.  I can't tell you the times I have said, "Man damn this helping colored folks crap", trying to keep it clean and respect the site, but something inside will not let me be content with that thought and I think it often. Maybe I am one of those real stubborn cats that just wants to get one good lick in.

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