Pestilence, Famine, War

The three great population controllers and regulators have been disrupted and manipulated. The results have been the exponential growth of one species over all others on this planet. It is estimated that Earth's human population doubled from 3 billion in 1963 to 6 billion by February 2002. A mere 39 years. Right now in 2013 it is at or may have surpassed 7 billion. According to mathematical statistics while the human population is doubling it is also doing so at smaller time intervals. Whereas it took 10,000 years to get to 3 billion it only took 39 years to get to 6 billion. Pause, take a deep breath and at least think "wow" if you don't say it out loud. This is the real crisis that is driving and is behind most of the human ills on the planet. And now finally the money hoarders have figured out how to avoid their greatest fears, to be discovered, out-ed, overthrown and executed. In response and preparation they have purchased enough political and military support to remain intact to garner even more concentration of wealth. They did it by creating a global economy and they also just happen to control the two major energy dispensers damn near every human on this planet must have to survive. That would be oil and food. Without each being in constant production this world would grind to a screeching and catastrophic halt in just a few days. In a few weeks devastating irreversible damage will have occurred. There would be unimaginable cultural collapse or what could be called end game. Folks, numbers don't lie! Do the math for yourself. And if you are one to believe "they" meaning the systems thinkers, social engineers, and policy makers are going to solve this please consider this. It was their best thinking that got us here in the first place.

Those of us willing to use free thought and to actually see what is rather than seeing what we are told what is are diminishing one by one. The public school systems rarely teach critical and analytical thinking thus limiting the numbers of young people able to perform the analysis to predict the when's and how's so we can prepare.

This may also shed light on why this administration and every other one before it are invested in the oil producing countries. Think it through. You were just elected to preside over one of the most powerful and most oil dependent country on the planet. At your first briefing by the CIA they reveal to you the ‘real’ facts and probabilities of your nation. They reveal to you your nation’s strengths and weaknesses, where and just how capable your enemies are. And the various doomsday scenarios your nation would face…’if’ [?].

If you can find a population graph you will see that human population and the production of oil both went up about the same time, exponentially. Why? More industry, requiring more people and people are fueled or energized by food. So it required more food production that became a gigantic industry that required more oil products and thus more production, things you probably never even considered, that fueled even more industry that required even more people who needed more food.

And there you have it. A enigmatic, paradoxical, conundrum of pure insanity supporting totalitarian agriculture that supports a culture, ours, both east and west alike, that values food production over all else. At this rate of growth and ignoring or just not caring that our rush to eat is destroying other species on the planet by a staggering rate they has to be repercussions. We are not immune to our behaviors and actions. It looks like we will just be bystanders at our own execution.

Now exactly how smart are humans again?

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