On Charter Schools: A thought and a theory.

Here is what I think. I think that when the U S government figured out that revolutionary thought and protest was being seeded in the public schools and colleges and universities, and that children and young were being solicited and enrolled in the various black power struggles that it frightened someone real bad. I think decisions were made to indoctrinate those urban children to never have thoughts of protest again. Federal funding was pumped into the school systems of the poorest zip codes and in order to assure the continuation of that funding your local boards of education had to agree to certain standards.

Those standards were in chief a cookie cutter form of education guaranteeing that urban students would never ever be taught to learn to think critically and analytically again. You see no free thinkiing person would go for the kind of education compulsory government education requires. In truth they simply started teaching test taking. It worked. 

If you do any serious scholarship of public education you may find that the concept started in Prussia in the late 1800s, you will find that Horace Mann made a trip from Mass there and reviewed their tactics and techniques. You may find that Prussia was gearing up for the transition from an agricultural society to an industrial society and the USA was also, but did not have the ways and means to retool its populace to accept that transition. It needed a mass indoctrination plan and public education would become that plan. 

Fast forward to the turmoil of the 1960s and 70s and the resultant fear that stuck a chord into the hearts of the policy makers, systems thinkers and movers and shakers of this country. Something had to be done. So they semi federalized the public school systems, which is not a constitutional right, but a right of the state. However in the end the joke was on them. They didn't bargain that the stupefaction process would also impact the great number of so called white children whereas now they too are dumb as hell!

That is why you heard the alarm of how poorly the USA ranked worldwide in math and science. Well certainly they cannot admit what happened, but all the indicators are there. Read Providence by Daniel Quinn and find out why as a senior writer for the Singer Corporation's textbook division he was fired for creating textbooks that were TOO GOOD!

Charter schools are being carved out because big business knows that they are in big trouble. The public school systems have been pumping out a cadre of ignorant people for years now and the market is flooded with them. This is no longer an industrial society it needs people who can think and they cannot wait on the public school systems, lead by the same ignorant people it produced to figure out what happened. That will be a long wait just look at Memphis/Shelby, Tn if you have any doubts. It should be called CGR for Can't Get Right.

So now they, big business, are taking their chances that someone will create a system of education that will produce the workers and thinkers they need to compete globally. It doesn't matter that most of them will fail. That is a given. What matters is those that succeed because those are the efforts that will be mass replicated. You don't really belive Bill Gates just loves the Negroes in Memphis like that do you?

To the new merged county school system you got it all wrong.....again!

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Comment by Clifford Black on September 9, 2011 at 4:14pm

Namaska Al,

With all of the talk that is going on about how much 'we love our babies', I just know that this post is going to generate a ton of interest.--heh-heh-heh----


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