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What is it like for a "Black" person living in Memphis? What's your opinion or attitude about daily life in Memphis for the average "Black" person? What would you tell someone, another "Black" person who was considering moving to Memphis? How are you treated, as a "Black" person in stores, restaurants, movie theaters, government offices, school, work and other places where "everyone" congregates? Do you feel exploited, discriminated against, ignored, avoided, isolated, threatened or treated bad because you're "Black"? Why do you continue to live in Memphis? How often do you leave Memphis to visit other cities and do you feel any difference while away from Memphis? What kind of city is Memphis as far as "race relations" is concerned? Should there be any changes that would change any of your perceptions of Memphis? Is Memphis a "Black City"? Is Memphis more urban than metropolitan? What are the best features of Memphis as it relates to "Blacks"? Does the word "diversity" equates to Memphis? How do you view advertisements on local Memphis television and radio as it relates to "Blacks"? Would you rather be referred to as Mr. or Ms. "So and So" in public places by people who do not know you and are providing a service to the general public? Are people friendly towards "Blacks" in Memphis?

Tell me what you think about the "Black Community" in Memphis!

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Comment by Robert Chism on August 19, 2010 at 5:48pm
City of the DEAD! On my 2 trips out of Memphis this year one to Florida,another to Minneapolis. I can truly say I dreaded coming back home to Memphis. Both trips when we touched down you could feel you were in Memphis. When we walked through the airport I could feel the time warp start to take place. When we got downstairs to pick up our luggage I told the family"welcome to Memphis set your clocks back 30 years" It's almost as you can feel the tension in the air. After coming from a more diverse city where it seems people didn't care about your color,it was very noticeable when we got back to Memphis. I've lived here all of my life and maybe it's just time for a change.

Normally when I meet people that move here from other cities I always ask"why in the hell did you want to come here?" When I talk to other blacks from other cities,I always tell them just visit you really don't want to move here. I compare the black mentality in Memphis to a rap video on BET. I mean I know it's sad to say,but thats what I see.Especially from people around my age its nuts.
Comment by Aaron (Al) Lewis on May 27, 2010 at 11:11pm
Sandra Burns European Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans....I believe your view of Memphis, like eveything else is always tinted.. oops, did I mean tainted, by your ethnicity.
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Ernest A. Donelson II why not say "colour"? Race Cards are available! lol
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Al Lewis I have great friends here. That is all that has ever kept me here, friends and family. As to the city itself, it does not offer much. I just don't like the place. I don't trust most of the representatives, the school systems suck , it's poor and a whole lot of ignorant and foolish people reside here. What should I expect, they did go to Memphis City Schools.

They only have two real colleges and/or universities here. Tiger high isn't even raked!
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Clifford Black I think that most people who are talking about race, are in fact, talking, about what they believe. Having lived for more than half a century, I, have only talked to a handful of people that actually know about this subject. This construct, what is called race, is identified with so many (different) definitions, and yet the average person using the... See More
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Clifford Black An-other race is defined by the religion that they practice and this is strange (for real) sense the word Jew has nothing to do with Judaism or the Torah (old testament). The next one to be defined is going to come under geography and what is stranger still is that most people have no information about cartography or how the place(s) (people) have... See More
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Ernest A. Donelson II Mr. B., Mr. B....word up!
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Al Lewis Doc, you don went too far this time!
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Ernest A. Donelson II lol
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Sandra Burns Were you asking about Memphis , TN or Memphis, Egypt or Memphis in the next world. That was heavy, deep or whatever you want to call it. I'm just a poor, old, African American Woman from Tennessee. Guess I didn't understand.
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Ernest A. Donelson II Sandra please...facetiousness does not work coming from an intelligent person. Of course I was talking about Memphis, Tennessee. Have you or any of us ever lived in or perhaps visited Memphis, Egypt? I don't believe I have tinted or tainted view of this city based on my so-called "race" or alleged ethnicity. Do not fall into a trap that is not there. Generally speaking I am not one to take offense at perceived indifference or intolerance to my comments here, I merely asked a handful of questions to which everyone's answers are considered valued (at least by me). What I will not tolerate from people will never appear in writing on facebook. There is always ground that is a bit higher, to seek it at times the best next move.

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