A friend was telling me that I should ask in my class and see if anyone has an 1828 Webster's. Does anyone? However, this is what appeared on the online version that I found. If anyone can verify this is what it reads please do so!

If anyone is interested in the site, here it is!



AMER'ICA, n. [from Amerigo Vespucci, a Florentine, who pretended to have first discovered the western continent.]

One of the great continents, first discovered by Sebastian Cabot, June 11, O.S. 1498, and by Columbus, or Christoval Colon, Aug. 1, the same year. It extends from the eightieth degree of North, to the fifty-fourth degree of South Latitude; and from the thirty-fifth to the one hundred and fifty-sixth degree of Longitude West from Greenwich, being about nine thousand miles in length. Its breadth at Darien is narrowed to about forty-five miles, but at the northern extremity is nearly four thousand miles. From Darien to the North, the continent is called North America, and to the South, it is called South America.


AMER'ICAN, a. Pertaining to America.

AMER'ICAN, n. A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America.

The name American must always exalt the pride of patriotism.

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Comment by Lonnie Plaxico on June 23, 2011 at 5:20am
Hi,thanks for sharing the link.
Comment by Clifford Black on April 1, 2011 at 11:30am
You have asked questions about what is given in this edition regarding what Webster was trying to communicate in his writings---One must learn how to realize context so that what is transmitted will not be out of context. When this is not done then people are subject to mis and un-der education. Your post is useful in that it is a resource reference.  Learning how to use the dictionary is one of the most important particulars in one's educational life.

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