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Learning to Learn: My Journey

What in the hell is Dr. Black talking about?

Why in the hell does Al Lewis ask so many questions in class?

If I have not learned my whole life, what have I been doing and how in the hell am I going to now?

So what A means ox, how will that apply to anything relevant?

I have no clue how to true truth. Are they making up stuff? Rhetoric? Semantics (whatever that means)?

Don't use context clues? But they taught me that in school!


These were all…


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1828 Webster's Dictionary

A friend was telling me that I should ask in my class and see if anyone has an 1828 Webster's. Does anyone? However, this is what appeared on the online version that I found. If anyone can verify this is what it reads please do so!

If anyone is interested in the site, here it is!



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On Father Divine

This man managed to do what people claim to want, the Black Power Nazis as Dr. B affectionately calls them. But who knows about him or is even willing to follow his model? His movement was long lasting and beneficial to all his followers, unlike most modern day preachers and their congregations. That layout alone was remarkable (ie. The hotels called heaven that allowed members to live cheap and the store where they could purchase all of their goods). The no gambling, no sex, no alcohol, and…


Added by Raven Writes on March 27, 2011 at 1:39am — 2 Comments

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