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The Bridge

This is the second in a series of mini articles I committed to sharing about my particular and nuanced veiws of certain songs and the artists who wrote, produced, sang, and played on them.

Let me be perfectedly clear. I am an unabashed fan of Rhythm & Blues. It is, I think, one of the purest forms of projection of human emotion ever created by man. It contains many nuances,… Continue

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Jackie Wilson - Danny Boy

► 4:36► 4:36

Perhaps the most dynamic singer of all time. With a soaring operatic voice measuring three and a half octaves the man, dubbed Mr. Excitement, captivated audiences.

The studios provided so called white background singers, as they also did with Ray Charles and Sam Cooke. I have no clue as to why, but these brothers did some marvelous things with thepose… Continue

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Information about Tiger's FATHER

Read this and then comment--…


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A Crash Landing

Pestilence, Famine, War

The three great population controllers and regulators have been disrupted and manipulated. The results have been the exponential growth of one species over all others on this planet. It is estimated that Earth's human population doubled from 3 billion in 1963 to 6 billion by February 2002. A mere 39 years. Right now in 2013 it is at or may have surpassed 7 billion. According to mathematical statistics while the human population is doubling it is also doing so… Continue

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Self, A Short Story

I remember one of the first mental crisis I went through was trying to attain an indentity when I was in 8th grade. Now I didn't tell myself that was what I was Going through. It is only through retrospect that I learned that was what was happening to me.

I had reached puberty and all the associated issues, both physical and emotional, that goes with it. I was in a school where I didn't know many people and they all seemed to be so far ahead of me in the ways of life.

My… Continue

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Derrick Jensen

Click on the above link

This article was posted by Bro. Al Lewis

Please read and then post comment.

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The Minstrel Boy

Today I learned of something contrary to what I had believed to know regarding minstrel.  I had become familiar with a so called white man acting and/or singing in what was called black face to be a minstrel show.  However, "The Minstrel Boy" is an Irish patriotic song written by Thomas Moore regarding the Irish Rebellion of 1798. 

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Race is Absolute NonSense


Click on the above pdf and read about this subject, that most of us know very little about and as we enter into the learning process, we are going to connect other links to this blog thread.


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Inward Journey


The above pdf is a much needed discussion.


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I and me


Click the link and read and learn from the post, then comment.

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