DIALOGUE AND DISCUSSION ON EDUCATION, ENVIRONMENT AND RACE "Haloa Olohega" is from the third Te Vaka album "Nukukehe". Olohega or Swains Island as it is also known, is the 4th Island of Tokelau....

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Comment by Jay Anderson on February 24, 2016 at 12:50pm

Lyrics and info appear below:

" "Haloa Olohega" is from the third Te Vaka album "Nukukehe". Olohega or Swains Island as it is also known, is the 4th Island of Tokelau. This track is all about how Olohega became part of the USA. This live version was filmed in 2005 at the Toata Stadium in Tahiti. Lyrics below:

Lyrics by Opetaia Foa'i, Music by Opetaia Foai and Malcolm Smith


Muhumuhu mai te igoa o te motu
Na kave e Ilai i te 1856
Lea mai ko he mea aloha
Mai he tama Igilihi
Kitea e ia tino kai katiga
E he nonofo na tino i ei
Heki totokia ni mea ki latou
E he nonofo na tino i ei

Kamata na talanoaga
Mo Olohega
Fai ai te fakafokiga
Ko Olohega
Olohega Olohega
Haloa Olohega

E lahi mea kino na fai e Ilai
Ko vaka gaoi ko ia na fehoahoani ai
Maua ai ana koloa fakafita lahi te nuku
Maua foki e ia te fenua fa
Ko Olohega

Te talohaga e fai mo te kaiga o Ilai
E lahi mea i anamua
He tatau ona fai
Kae mafai na hui e koutou uma
fai tonu lava te faiga
E tahi lava te fakaikuga
E maua ai te fiafiaga POOR OLOHEGA

Whisper to me the name of this land
Taken by Eli in 1856
He said it was a gift
Gifted to him by an Englishman
He saw natives eating coconuts
But they were passing through
They didn't grow anything
So naturally this wasn't their home

We need to start the discussions
On Olohega

It will surely lead to the return
of Olohega
Olohega Olohega
Poor Olohega

Among the crimes committed by Eli
The slavers and slaveship he did help
Gaining treasures while people suffered
Also gaining their fourth Island
Called Olohega

A request for the family of Eli
Many wrongs were made long ago
That will never go away
But you can change some of that
By doing what is right
There is only one conclusion
That will satisfy everyone"

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