thinking In order for a person to truly experience and be cognizant of change, within one’s self, a great deal of study has to take place. The information that has to be studied is not going to be ea…


In order for a person to truly experience and be cognizant of change, within one’s self, a great deal of study has to take place. The information that has to be studied is not going to be easy to find, and, if found, not easy to learn. How to know what information that is pertinent, to the quest for truth, is going to take time to learn. Strategies and methodologies must be learned before one can begin to recognize the how and the why. Now, at this time, in what is known as the Age of Aquarius or the age of intelligence, survival cannot be accomplished using old ways of thinking and or believing. The world, as it has been in the past, is no longer what it was, and also, the world is not the planet. Thinking of the world as the planet has caused serious thinking disorders and is going to cause even greater problems for the not yet born. And if, past thinking patterns are inserted into future generations then past problems are going to get worse. If the price of existence in the world has changed then the way a person thinks is also going to have to change. The older patterns of thinking that have been handed down by the public school systems, by closed minded parents, by misinformed clergy and so-called teachers of text book information is at this moment creating an atmosphere of all engulfing fear. Fear, especially when it is unrealized, is the emotion that begets worry, unhappiness, frustration, anxiousness, greed, envy, and will not allow the least bit of harmony. Harmony is a key factor in the equation if individuals are going to be able to create a future community. Only the coming together of intelligent individuals will provide them the power to create the secure environment that they will need in order to survive.

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Comment by Clifford Black on April 27, 2014 at 8:56am

@Gloried &Jamaal,

One by one = three, we Will make this happen just one at a time.

Mister Black.

Comment by Glorified on April 25, 2014 at 5:50pm

I read the article "The Age of Ignorance". The writer knocked it out of the park with great points, many of which I agree.  What is the likelihood of the average born again Christian or even the bible born and bread Christian questioning their own creed and cultural identity?  What are the consequences of doing so? I learned years ago in one of Mr. Black classes that once you know, you can never not know.  It is a great responsibility to stand in the face of ignorance. To speak out on collective thought is a death sentence.  As a result, some will say it is easier to go alone to get alone.  A handsome well dressed articulate person can become Peter Piper so easily in the name of truth and justice.  They will prey/pray on the ones among us who will not educate self before speaking in absolute terms. To change this ignorant trend, polarization of ideas and beliefs must be relaxed with an open mind so that decision are based on sound tangible facts rather than emotional hype.  Until then, our best course of action will be lost in propaganda. A firm knowledge of history, coupled with technology and a commitment to teach critical thinking is a start to improving a number of deficiencies.  Unfortunately, a website like this that challenge what we have always been taught will not widely be viewed because most are too busy trying to survive without considering the long term affect of our education becoming merely inculcation.  Just my thoughts.....

Comment by Jay Anderson on March 18, 2014 at 4:21pm

I agree!

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