Why are these people not talked about in the history books or in the schools.

click on the links for Data!

Father Devine---


                    James Ford---


                                       Richard Wright---



                                                             Harry Haywood----




Benjamin J. Davis---,_Jr.


Percy Julian (scientist)---

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I am going down this list and the only one I knew about was Richard Wright, I thought i would be able to look them all up this weekend, but for two days I have been reading about Father Divine...guess this is going to take longer than I expected.
we may be able to enter into discussion about this at class
Peace Lord!
Read the question carefully!!!
remind me about these people at class (discussion)
Sure took me some time on James Ford because there are so many of them, but I am assuming you're talking about the vice-president candidate that was in the communist party...went to Fisk..
Right!! and with this clue you may be able to address the question.......

Ali---it is important that you and all that are interested in knowing something about these people read and masticate the above article that was written by Richard Wright.


If a person can be labeled as a communist then that person can be kept out of the so-called history books and so-called black people or negros will not mention these people as a part of their history. Is this not very strange. Thank You for addressing the question.
Namaska Brother Molefi,
There are those who are working to rid themselves of all this race nonsense altogether....I AM that I AM that YOU ARE and THAT, or should I say THIS, "IS" not some made up label which snuffy smith has created!!!!!
So if the 'I" in me is the animating force, that that is? How then and equally important why is it important that I label it with a color when in fact it is colorless. Better yet, to name it black or the spanish negro is just as containing because that that is cannot be confined or defined.

I am limitless without boundary or definition. Me, however can be defined, contained and limits are always set on it.
I (while reading the reply post), had a chill run thru my body, glad to See U Brother.
So this is the I and me suggested that be researched. I am still working to get the true sense of these terms. This is shedding light.


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