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    The rules. Do not look these names up on the internet. That's cheating and will not help you. Do that only after you have taken the quiz.
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  • Al Lewis 
    Who were these people?

    1. William Monroe Trotter
    2. Timothy Drew
    3. Robert K. Williams
    4. David Walker
    5. Cyril Briggs

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I have to say I completely fail this quiz without google. :)
be sure to use comparatives in your research.
This David Walker speech......Whew!!!!
Thank you for posting the work: Now lets see how many prople bother to it,!!
I knew number 5, only because we discussed The African Blood Brotherhood in a previous class and connected it with Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison, which I have read and enjoyed. That is a 20 F!

Raven---Ali has posted a link to David Walker's book. Please read!!!! Do not worry about what U do not know, the exercise will allow u to acclimate yourself for an introduction into a knowledge of something that will cause amazing insights to appear and from this effort you will KNOW.


I didn't don't know all of these people without the use of the internet.  I should of known Timothy Drew, Noble Drew Ali but couldn't recall from memory.  Tymon Myers was a member of the Black Liberation Army, and was one fo the FBI's most wanted and was killed in a shootout with the police.  Bobby Hutton was one of the first members of the Black Panther Party at age 16 and was shot numerous times and killed by the police department as he surrendered unarmed.  I'm thinking these people aren't talked about or well known because they physically fought for freedom and what they stood for.  Probably the same reason revolts that occurred during slavery are not discussed.


Adisa, I think you correct. Tymon, according to the FBI, was the most feared individual on their list because when he found out they were looking for him, he started hunting them. This man was for real. I cn see why most people wouldn't want to know about him. He is too much of a reminder of what is required if one really wanted to revolt.
"If I could just get you all thinking again,. you would save yourselves." -Timothy Drew (Noble Drew Ali)
@Adisa---One can think that same thought RIGHT NOW!

"I declare it does appear to me as though some nations think God is asleep, or
that he made the Africans for nothing else but to dig their mines and work their
farms, or they cannot believe history sacred or profane. I ask every man who has
a heart, and is blessed with the privilege of believing- Is not God a God of
justice to all his creatures? Do you say he is? Then if he gives peace and
tranquility to tyrants and permits them to keep our fathers, our mothers,
ourselves and our children in eternal ignorance and wretchedness to support them
and their families, would he be to us a God of Justice? I ask, O, ye Christians,
who hold us and our children in the most abject ignorance and degradation that
ever a people were afflicted with since the world began-I say if God gives you
peace and tranquility, and suffers you thus to go on afflicting us, and our
children, who have never given you the least provocation - would He be to us a
God of Justice? If you will allow that we are men, who feel for each other, does
not the blood of our fathers and of us, their children, cry aloud to the Lord of
Sabaoth against you for the cruelties and murders with which you have and do
continue to afflict us?"

-David Walker


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