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click on the above link---watch and then comment about what you think that you are seeing.


I see a program that wants U.S. citizens to fear being free from law. I see a program that only scratches the surface on their reports from week to week. I think that the fact that this piece aired is progress for those who consider themselves Sovereign from the U.S.A.

Its several things I see coming out of this...but let me first post this from Adask's site.. "I am a man made in our Father YHWH ha Elohiym's image (Genesis 1:26-28) and endowed by my Creator with certain unalienable Rights ("The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America"; July 4th, A.D. 1776). I am one of the People of The State of Texas. My articles are written and published within the venue of The County of Dallas, located within The State of Texas--a member-State of the perpetual Union styled "The United States of America"


The position that 60 minutes took was to create the "boogey-man" from the soveirgn citizens, you all must be very very careful, because they are painting a picture to America that these people are gun-toting terrorist, the Chief in Arkansas is on a World Tour to let everyone know how dangerous these people are..."they killed my son" he said.   Sounds like what G Bush said about Saddam trying to kill his know how that ended ,so now when you sovereigns are pulled over it could be more bloodshed and revenge for their fallen officer and because of fear of that officer's life.  Once the media paints a picture...most Americans see it through the media's eyes....

like Morpheus explained to Neo "When parts of your biological machine have not been used over a long period of time, the parts, must be activated". Utilization of the unused parts comes thru theraphy that is applied with the use of practise.


to me seems like there trying to put ideas in the masses head to be on alert of people who think differently about laws and goverment and label them as terrorist.

Namaska Lisa,

Have U by any chance had the opportunity to read Jonathan or animal farm and I am suggesting that U attend class on wednesday nite.  I think the discussion will help to widen the path toward consciousness which appears to be a desire that U have.


Every man is sovereign if he or she knows it. However does it really make sense to shout it out to everyone? It's like you are inviting your own destruction. Whatever happened to KYMS? I am aware of the the so called sovereign citizens and in fact have been approached by some so called black people trying to involve me in it. I side stepped that one deftly. I have no need to prove anything to anyone especially the U.S. Government. Telling them I am free, filing writs and all of the other things they proclaim indicates just the opposite to me. A free person has nothing to prove. Only when you infringe on their freedom will you find out. 


What I saw was a death bounty being placed on their heads. Any information can be good to know, but a little common sense might serve you well in applying anything. In light of incidents like the attacks on MOVE and Waco and the Indian Movement and the BPP and BLA a wise person may want to take into consideration where they live. After all this is Rome.

The head of the International Monetary Fund was just arrested in NYC. I wonder if he is a sovereign citizen?

My response to what I saw was, whose perspective is this and why?


60 Minutes was first produced by Don Hewitt from 1968-2004. He began working for CBS in 1948 as an associate producer. This same man, produced the first televised presidential election in 1960. He was from a Jewish family in New York City, father was a Russian immigrant, while the mother was of German Jewish descent. Also, Hewitt's father was very much a media man so to speak, employed by the Boston Herald American.


This small amount of history helped me gain some insight as to why the clip was arranged in the manner that it was.


What I saw was carefully strategized propaganda to sway the audience to think a certain way about anyone calling themselves a sovereign citizen. The term alone sounds pretty normal so to speak.


1. sovereign: Old French soverain  /span> Vulgar Latin *superānus,  equivalent to Latin super- which means above.

2. citizen:   Middle English citisein  /span> Anglo-French citesein, Old French citeain,  equivalent to city


Above the law is what I gathered and also what was mentioned in the clip.


@Raven---Do not worry about trying (at this point) to understand---all you are doing now is to input information---in class sometime when there may be a problem about seeing all of the angles (then) we will discuss and u will go slow and take your time.


Posse Comitatus Act was created out the compromise of 1877. Rutherford B. Hayes  had just lost the presidental election to Samuel J.Tilden, some votes came up missing. ( sound familiar) In order for Hayes to get the job he agreed to remove all federal troops from the states in the south. This in essence ended reconstruction and started the reversal and deconstrution of the political power just won by people of color. Is this what states rights mean?             

Kelvin---not quite, but this information is needed so that you can get to the point of understanding State's Rights---it takes a while and some work, but it is worth the trouble---it is important to know the issue if U are to ever be a position of empowerment.



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