Why are they not mentioned when talking about Black History?

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The two links that are in the opening will be the ones that we start with, and then we will expand the question to include other people who we will not label with a color code in order to fit them into the social construct.


As people were having early conversations about protesting the Democratic Party's National Convention this year, I saw and loved the idea of a "Bubble March," and in second place the "Pool Party" themed sit in.

Within a few weeks of these sorts of discussion taking root, the Democratic National Committee set up security protocols where there would be a wall - stockaded in Philadelphia during this year's convention around the convention site - which stopped all planned marches, sit-ins, and other demonstrations.

So I really enjoyed this reading:

"Rubin's appearance before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) hearings is a good example of the Yippies emphasis on conducting political protest as theater, and creating as much attention as possible to their dissent by turning it into a spectacle. Rubin was subpoenaed by HUAC in Washington but instead of pleading the Fifth Amendment as was common, he entered the room dressed in a rented 18th-century American Revolutionary War uniform, proudly claiming to be a descendant of Jefferson and Paine. "Nothing is more American than revolution," he told the committee.[10] Rubin showing total lack of concern or worries, lightheartedly blew soap bubbles as members of Congress questioned his Communist affiliations. He subsequently appeared before the HUAC as a bare-chested guerrilla in Viet Cong pajamas, with war paint and carrying a toy M-16 rifle, and later as Santa Claus.[11][12]"

Dangerous. I am not an anarchist or libertarian; those are utopian theories. We are far closer to dystopia. But this gentleman, may have found the razor's edge where we stand; humor relates well here. And I find no surprise that a vast majority of comedians in our region are asking questions and finding similar results to the journey happening here thanks to Dr. Black.

In October 1967, David Dellinger of the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam asked Jerry Rubin to help mobilize and direct a march on the Pentagon.[16] The protesters gathered at the Lincoln Memorial as Dellinger and Dr. Benjamin Spock gave speeches to the mass of people.[17] From there, the group marched towards the Pentagon. As the protesters neared the Pentagon, they were met by soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division[17] who formed a human barricade blocking the Pentagon steps.[16] Not to be dissuaded, Hoffman vowed to levitate the Pentagon[17] claiming he would attempt to use psychic energy to levitate the Pentagon until it would turn orange and begin to vibrate, at which time the war in Vietnam would end.[18] Allen Ginsberg led Tibetan chants to assist Hoffman.[17]

Hoffman's theatrics were successful at convincing many young people to become more active in the politics of the time.[18]


I laughed out loud at this. Especially the Allen Ginsberg part. His work "The Howl" was something I encountered early in my life.

I love this; I had heard of Abbie Hoffman somewhere in the "long-ago." But I had never studied either of these people. I MUST ALSO SAY...

I have to study a lot more.  I feel like the time to meld humor and action may have passed.  But maybe not. A line of protestors holding up mirrors and bouquets of flowers to militarized lines of oppressors while a second squadron of watergun wielding floatie-wearing pool partiers reinforces the ranks just might be the kind of civil disobedience that is peace organizing,  as much as the war faction organizes. 

Peace Machines.

Yours truly, has, over the years tried to get so called black people to acknowledge these two men, as, people and as Black people, and I must say, I have failed to no small degree.  At this point in time, I do not have enough time left to wait, for so-called black people to do anything, so I have taken it upon myself to honor and give reverence to those who deserve that which we give to Gods.!

Prior dialog about these persons---


A link to Jerry Rubin's first book (the file is functional on a phone as well):

This link requires questions. My first question is "Why such a short list?"

See if this is the link that you were intending!> This is a very important perspective that only a few people are aware of!


Go back and reread the introduction in order to answer this question!!


Here is an example! Most people thought that Brother White, was a so-called white man, which, led to a lot of rumors about the NAACP.

Learning about Walter White was very eye-opening.

And you will be able to SEE more and More!



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