Learning to construct a "Time Machine" is an endeavor that may be something worth knowing how to accomplish.  If by chance, one is interested in understanding the construct that we were born into, it will be essential to participate in this thread, and, this engagement can help to gain the kind of insight that will be needed.  One elementary tool that has to be developed is the ability to better understand history. Start with the so-called revolutionary war of The British North American Colonies. The First thing to do is to ask yourself, what do I know about this event and where did I acquire the information from.


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Benjamin Banneker---- put this name into your wikipedia search find as much data as possible.

Gracious Mzee.

This book should be helpful when looking at the inception of this country.!

Bro. Ali is the ONE responsible for locating the link.

Molly Walsh a European indentured servent is said to have purchased an African by the name of Banneka and established a farm near Ellicott Mills Maryland.  Molly and Banneka had a child named Molly who then gave birth to Benjamin Banneker in 1731.   

Benjamin Banneker is known for being part of a group led by Major Andrew Ellicott that surveyed the land which was to become the District of Columbia.  Andrew Ellicott son of Joseph Ellicott who founded Ellicott Mills in 1772 with his two brothers.  

NAMASKA ADISA---Your TM is coming along with quality and will allow you to travel with great ease.


The Holland Land Company was an unincorporated syndicate of thirteen Dutch investors who between 1792 & 1793 purchased about 6 million acres of land from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  At that time aliens could not own land within the United States which caused investors to partner with trustees to make purchases.  Sometime after this purchase, Joseph Ellicott was hired to survey the purchased land. 

Joseph Ellicott was the son of Judith Bleaker and Joseph Ellicott Sr. and brother of Andrew Ellicott aka Major Andrew Ellicott who led the surveying of the District of Columbia of which Benjamin Banneker was a participant.  It was George Ellicott, cousin of Andrew and Joseph, that provided Benjamin Banneker with books and equipment to study Astronomy.  

The Ellicotts were of the Religious Society of Friends aka Quaker faith.  Those of the Quaker faith has anti-slavery sentiments.  David Barclay of Youngsbury, a Quaker one of the founders of the present-day Barclays Bank, was noted for freeing imprisoned people.  After inheriting an estate in Jamaica he not only freed those imprisoned on the estate but he sailed them to Philadelphia where they were trained by the Pennsylvania Abolition Society.  Barclay even led the Committee of North American Merchants in their campaign for repeal of the Stamp Act 1765.

@Adisa, the name that I was having problems pulling up was Ellicot.  This fits well with the pdf that you have posted on the time machine.  This has the potential to go to the heavens.


Adisa-this thread keeps coming up-valuble information


Interesting what I discovered today:

General William Whipple was a member of the Continental Congress, was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and was said to have freed his "slave" Prince Whipple.  General Whipple was one of nine Freemasons to sign the declaration.  General Whipple is noted as serving  with the New Hampshire Militia during the Revolutionary War.  Before his service in politics Whipple worked as s ship's captain and earned his fortune as a merchant.     

Prince Whipple is noted as having been transported and purchased in Baltimore Maryland, accompanied General Whipple during travel to Salem Massachusetts and during the Revolutionary War.  

Prince Hall is identified as the founder of Prince Hall Freemasonry and is said to have been a part of a "free" colored community in Boston Massachusetts.  Prince Hall is also noted as having served in the military during the Revolutionary War.   

Benjamin Banneker is noted as having been born in Baltimore, Maryland and his knowledge of Astronomy well recognized.  Benjamin Banneker is said to have written a letter to Thomas Jefferson regarding equality.  

It is said that Benjamin Banneker received books and equipment to study Astronomy from George Ellicott.  George Ellicott was of the Ellicott family associated with David Barclay noted for freeing people held against their will on "plantations."  Barclay also led the Committee of North American Merchants in their campaign of the Stamp Act of 1765.  

This thread and topic is really going to require some work.  All that I "knew" of this topic, I was taught in school.  I was basically told the American Revolution was about religious freedoms and the colonists wanting to break away from England.  I recall being told that the boston tea party and taxaton of the tea lead to the this war.  I was never told about acts such as the Stamp Act, Navigation Act, Molassas Act, Sugar Act, Townshend Act, Quartering Act, Mutiny Act or even the Boston Port Bill.  Now as I begin to deconstruct these events and go backwards in time, I find it really hard to accept the revolutionary war being about the freedom of all who came to the new world, especially for redemptioners and indentured servants.  I KNOW that even those identified as Europeans were NOT all considered to be white.

Im excited about this thread and learning for myself, what it is I was born into.         

Namaska Adisa,

Something that you will come to realize is that if you depend on the way and what you were programed to see by the education system your time machine will have real problems as you try to get it to work.  It will be like an old vehicle that has been acquired from the junk yard and you are attempting to put it together in order to gain motion. And you will find that cow manure is not an efficient fuel to use for your propellant.


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