Learning to construct a "Time Machine" is an endeavor that may be something worth knowing how to accomplish.  If by chance, one is interested in understanding the construct that we were born into, it will be essential to participate in this thread, and, this engagement can help to gain the kind of insight that will be needed.  One elementary tool that has to be developed is the ability to better understand history. Start with the so-called revolutionary war of The British North American Colonies. The First thing to do is to ask yourself, what do I know about this event and where did I acquire the information from.


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This may help---click the above link.

Jelani almost has this memorized. I just had  him to recite it to me a little while ago.

Page 3, Paragraph one reads:

It is often forgotten that the document which is known as the Declaration of Independence is NOT the official act by wich the Continental Congress voted in favor of separation from Great Britian. 

I was led to believe in school that the Declaration of Independence was exactly that, a declaration of independence from Great Britian.   


Adisa----- I will do my best to explain when there is an opportunity and this is why there is so much confusion going on around the planet---this is one of those moments in your life.


Dr. B,

What is really coming into focus for me is, if I become dependent on someone other than my SELF ie a leader, savior, representative etc.,  that individual even if they care about me could be providing me with information that is of no real use and If I become dependent on someone who has shown they do not care about me than the information provided is definately of no real use. From these exercises and techniques I can identify areas I have been trained instead of educated.  I have been trained to rise to a level that is comfortable with the controllers.  I have been trained to accept information as truth based solely on trust and hope.  I have been trained to rely on those also trained to provide useful information to me.  This is very confusing, but useful and re-enforces why it is necessary for this to be done. 

@Adisa-One foot in front of the other and I am sure that YOU are going to get to the prize.


there is so much more for those that are ready to do the WORK.!!!!

Ok...Baba my Time Machine doesn't start from my birth year, Its from British North American Colonies? Let me research this event, but I am also going to look into the creation of the boat.

Namaska Bro. Ali,

Your comment/reply to this post illustrates/shows why it is so important for YOU to get to as many convenings as possible. Whenever you can make the time happen, I will do my best to bring you up to date on where this is going.  YOU are very important to the overall process.


Exactly, I made reference to the boat, myself, and the British North American Colonies, as of such....the year I was born was the beginning of my physical time machine, the BNAC is the beginning of the context in the country I live in...but the boat...the boat is significant to me because everywhere the battles, wars, tea parties and kidnappings happened the boat was involved. A time machine within itself. The realationship of the tree and the boat, is in parallel to existence as i know it and the BNAC. Yes sir, I need to be in class. I have had some time to do some independent research also, thanks to the classes I attended. Hotep Baba

Namaska Ali, please look one more time and see if you can see IT.  And also read this...

 American Revolutionary War: A mainlyLoyalist force rejected the Continental Army troops' surrender at the Battle of Waxhaws and continued killing the Patriot soldiers, including men who were not resisting.


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