Hello I'm starting this for anyone interested in discussing learning the Spanish language

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This is also for anyone interested in just discussing Spanish; including others who already know Spanish or that want to discuss things about it only in English, as well as those who want to learn it...

Namaska, is this the discussion you were speaking of?  I'm interested in learning.  I've learned a few words and the alphabet, but I really would like to speak the language.

Yes,...and no.  It is, but I also started a group called "Ask Profe. J. Anderson" and I'd like those interested to post within the Spanish section of that group.

Diego Alejandro García, Bilingual in English
I will tell you a little story. A little under a year ago I was on a business trip to Europe. In meeting in Italy there were six of us: two Italian speakers, two Portuguese speakers and two Spanish speakers. Can you guess the language we were using in tha meeting? Are you sure? Well, you're wrong: each one of us used his mother tongue and we were perfectly able to understand each other, only having to explain a word every now and then.

The reason why this happened is beacause Italian, Spanish and Portuguese are in the end just different dialects of Latin. We call them languages because they're established as official languages of different nations*, but I'm sure a Roman legionarie would find less differences between them than what were found in Latin as spoken in different parts of thr Roman Empire back in the day.

Just considering the three languages I mentioned you have 680 million native speakers, which reach 750 million if you add French as well. Latin doesn't look much dead to me.


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