Why are these people not talked about in the history books or in the schools.

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Father Devine---


                    James Ford---


                                       Richard Wright---



                                                             Harry Haywood----




Benjamin J. Davis---,_Jr.


Percy Julian (scientist)---

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Now the quetion becomes: why is it that sir talk alot knows nothing about these people and those times?  Is it because there is something out here that wants to keep control in place? Look carefully at the product and you can see with ease that the lights have effectively been turned off!


Follow this thread---It is very important if there is to be some small amout of understanding regarding WHAT'S GOING ON!


This is the kind of investigation, that must be done, in order,  for more people to be able to get off of the yellow brick road.


This is a good place to insert the insight to this person...

Benjamin Jefferson Davis Jr. wrote an article titled "Why I Am A Communist."  In his article Mr. Davis wrote, " As a Negro American, I want to be free.  I want equal opportunities, equal rights; I want to be accordd the same dignity as a human being and the same status as a citizen as any other American.  I want first-class, unconditional citizenship.  I want it, and am entitled to it, now.  I want to be free of discrimination, Jim Crow, segregation, lynch law; I want to be free of second-class citizenship.  In short, I want, as an American citizen, to enjoy the four freedomes which were proclaimed byt the late Franklin D. Roosevelt, and which the State Department is interested hypocritically in prating about for every place except America."




the early 20 century seems to be more intriguing than the so called civil rights movement era..


@ Hawk---Learn how to look deeply and you will eventually SEE much more!


I was just thinking that Hawk! Reading this thread, along with the scant amount of research I have done, any attempts at economic empowerment on a grand scale was looked upon negatively from those who stood to lose control and money. Obtaining this knowledge sheds light on the alleged Civil Rights movement; though I really want to look closely before assuming an incorrect opinion.
Just scratching the surface but it seems to me that these men all pursued higher education and held the keys for change.

Nefer-Go back to the thread and read the question carefully.  It is very important that you do not miss this at this point because it is going to lead you to something that you will need to grasp for yourself.



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