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    The rules. Do not look these names up on the internet. That's cheating and will not help you. Do that only after you have taken the quiz.
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  • Al Lewis 
    Who were these people?

    1. William Monroe Trotter
    2. Timothy Drew
    3. Robert K. Williams
    4. David Walker
    5. Cyril Briggs

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@ Aaron (Al) Lewis

Do you mean Robert F. Williams for #3?
Robert Williams if you're talking about "Negroes with Guns", Deacons for Defense, 1st Pres. of the RNA, lived in exile in China...then thats the only one I know brother.
Namaska and Peace God!!! There is real work to be done!!!!!!
Ali, my bad I had just finished reading about Robert K. Williams, the actor who played Omar on the The Wire when I wrote this.
ok Idon't know, nor have never heard of any of these people. I'm looking them up.
Tim Drew is Noble Drew Ali... thats the only person i knew!
Learn as much as possible about these people and it will (in time) help u with your evolution and development.
Try these two Tymon Myers and Bobby Hutton.
Now....I know these two...I think its Twyman Myers if its the same person..
Different links spell it differently. In the book No Hero's, Tymon was how the FBI spelled it. He wasn't nothing nice. Truly during his time the most feared man in America. Wonder why don't more people know about him?
I do not know one name positively. I think that David Walker led a rebellion
@HJ, Namaska A.,
David Walker led a revolt in thinking or a rebellion of the mind!!! Look up David Walker's appeal to the colored people of the world!!!!
Waiting to hear from you whenever u return.


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