Race, it dominates the headlines and lies just beneath the surface of much of the political and social conversation in the country. America’s great obsession, it has been hailed. In almost every news and political venue from the far right to the center to the far left it weaves itself into the fabric of the conversation. Even when ignored it refuses to be ignored.

The talking heads and pundits keep insisting there needs to be a real conversation on race. The History Channel, CNN, CNBC, Oprah, 60 minutes, The NOI, The NAACP and a cornucopia of others have convened panels of so called experts to address this issue yet all come away empty.

One of the problems is the panel of experts themselves. What qualifies them as experts? What makes Dyson, Smiley, Gates, Jesse, Sharpton, and West experts? Their education, their complexion, their experiences? How can entertainers come to speak for so called black people? Did they too complete Negro 101?

Though there has been some great programming on race it was of a scientific nature and it appears that even in the face of logical science the pundits ignore the facts and dwell on the sensational and the erroneous. For some of you that have bothered to “do the work” to know for yourselves what race is why do you think the same things keep happening over and over again as it relates to this issue? What makes it such a seductive and fascinating topic. Race is almost the equivalent of heroin, no matter how many times you hit it, it is never quite enough and there’s always tomorrow.

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LOL Negro 101 that's a good one and do they teach that at the historical black colleges but I think people like to talk about race well so called black people like to talk about it.
Because they do not have anything else to talk aboout. They are looking for someone or something to blame their condition on. When a person really examines their situation it does not have anything to do with their opinion of race people put themselves the condition that they are in objectively speaking. My question is has the main stream media done any work to unravel some truth about race? My statement really doesn't address your question but everytime I hear so called black people talk they are talking about some type of condition. Then they try to connect race as they know it to everything.
Tamarques, good questions. What has the media done to unravel the mystery of race? What does the word race mean?
With all the talk recently about racism I have heard very people take on what exactly racism is. can someone help me to understand what racism really is? How did it come to be named racism? Who can and who cannot practice racism? Why and why not?

The question: What is racism?

 An answer:     Absolute NONSENSE!!!!


In my opinion the media has not attempted to unravel the mystery only stir the pot and make the view cloudy.  The “panel of experts” chosen are the same people chosen as leaders or stars that the masses look up to and idolize.  So I the minds of the masses, if these same people who they look up to, have achieved riches and fame, they must know something or more that the majority of other people, so they buy it.  No different than the professional wrestling league, behind the scenes the wrestlers practice how to perform for the people as if they are on opposite sides, but really are working together for a planned outcome.    

I found that Race etymologically is a running, race, rush of liquid. (I’m thinking about the rush of liquid that runs, races and rushes through our veins.)  Race breaks down to Ra or Re, Egyptian sun god (life giver same as blood) and Ra is chemically Radium.  Interestingly Radium is an almost pure white alkaline earth metal, but when exposed to air becomes black in color.  I’ve heard a lot of discussion regarding getting your body alkalized or eating/drinking alkaline products.

Taking all of this in consideration I’ve come to the assumption that the so called race is just about bloodlines, continuing to keep bloodlines on the planet.  The way the race war is being played, I think only those in a position of control can really practice racism.  Based on the pyramid, only a few at the top have a position of control and these are the ones who may be concerned about keeping their bloodline on the planet.  Those who have so called royal blood want to hoard the power, wealth and control for themselves and have determined a way to get everyone else to fight about differences to allow those at the top a way to continue their bloodline going.  Racism is a system or doctrine meant to really control another population based on an appearance.  So I think racism cannot be used by those identified as minorities because not enough of this population of people are in positions of control to effect another population. 

It is nothing more than divide and conquer, the easiest way to start to divide is based on physical appearance, once that is established then one can divide based on beliefs, views, creeds etc. 

Bro. Adisa,

As U have stated in your post. this is your OPINION.




Once I learned that race as we know it today is an erroneous theory of one man, I was able to embrace that truth and work to deconstruct and abolish that lie for myself and my children. Once we eliminate fictitious barriers and obstacles, especially when life presents its own, we can move forward with awareness and an even playing field, so to speak. If we put the term race in its proper context, and race to reach our potential or higher selves, then we can do some major things within our world. The only race in my world is the one against myself, to work hard  at educing and erecting the innate god within me.

Now we are flying --- Peace God!!!


Adisa, look again, you found the wrong word. Race is from the fr. razza, it simply means group, that's all. A racist is  one who loves their group that's all period. Racism is a made up concept to over shadow what the practice really is hate and evil to start.
I found razza.  Thank you.  Agreed it is hate and pure evil.   

working together a few might get to whereever it is that may be the destination.



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