My 6 year old grand daughter and I were driving thru the city of Collierville yesterday and as she look out the window she ask me the question all parents dread to hear,"granddaddy Why is it I see nothing but white people here"? Panic gripped me and I said to myself Why didn't she asked where babies come from ? We've had that talk and I did pretty good with that but Noooo not my Myah ,she gives the "hard test".I went into "fix this shit mood" ,I found "one" brown girl  didn't know if she was "black,latino,or "oreo". We were moving to fast for her to get agood look at the girl so she didn't count. I told her that this is just where these people live.Didn't want to give her all my "whys" .Trying to shield her from this fucked up concept of "RACE" I was willing to give her "SANTA CLAUS" stories and she already knows I am her Santa Claus so I knew that wouldnot be the end to this .Later as we were sitting in the local "CHICK FUL LAY" she look over at me and said "yep granddaddy there are a lotta white people around here,may I go into the playarea now"As she ran thru the door of the playarea I knew she had been "touched" by race and she and I will be long gone from this place before her "children" would not be .I must get ready for Part 2 of Myah's Test.

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Are we going to pass this nonsense on to the next generation? If so, WHY?


Not at all Doc. She will know the difference and until she can teach the next she will still have to deal with this  nonsense. And if all of her generation got the lesson I would be thankful.


Mr. Sammie I myself have had to deal with this issue with my two suns. And for the longest my children did not have to deal with the non sense of races. It wasnt until they entered " these bull-shit schools" (excuse my words)  that they were aware of these so-called categories of race. In the so called black community my children are considered brown or dark complextion, and i am what they call light skinned. And I can remember when my children were younger and they would ask me, "Mom, why are you White?" lol.  And I would explain to them I am not white,I am just a little lighter than you.I also explained that  People come in many shades of colors, we are all different and thats whats makes us unique. So after the conversation they called me their Peanut butter mom, because that's what I reminded them of. And I try my best not to have my children put themselves in a category because I am an advocator on "Individuality". But i know that i must do more research and also teach my children how to do the research so that they can understand the "thing" inside them that makes them different from anyone else in this universe. Their God Nature.     

May-be there are those that will figure this out and some of our young people can have the opportunity to get to the promised land which should not be the concrete cotton fields!!!


The concept of race or should I say language has caused many of us to see ourshelves as black or white.  When I'm with my grandson sometimes I might just call him an African American or little colored child and he would actually get angry at me. Point being until I see myself as a person I can't see my child as a person.
Recently at Java, a man said "You don't love your son." I asked him, "Why would you say that?" He replied, "Because you are letting him play with a white superman." I called my son over and asked him, "What color is the superman in your hand?" He looked at me and frowned, "It is red, yellow, and blue." "Why didn't you say white?" I was testing what was previously discussed. "Well Dr. Black taught me Roy G Biv. White is not a color. And he is kind of pink anyway!"

All of YOU have given me a marvelous day today-Thank YOU LORDS-All Is Well, Namaska!!!


Who wants to develop the power that is needed so that people can get over this non-sense---It seems that most folk want to continue heading toward the explosion that must come if this problem is not addressed soon.


I enjoyed reading this post and all the responses.  I have been pushing this issue with my family every opportunity that presents itself.  When my children or spouse asks me a question or make a comment about a person and identify that person as black or white I usually respond with the colors of their clothing.  They get frustrated with me and would roll their eyes or comment back you know what I mean and that leads into another discussion about the color game.  Despite feeling as if I'm fighting a losing battle, I stay as consistant with it as I can.  This weekend I witnessed a glimer of light, my spouse was sharing something with me and she described the person she was talking about as brown instead of black.  I smiled inside!  I will continue to be the change I want to see.  I will definately start using the ROY B BIV response and see how that strategy works. 


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