I attended a discussion where I told a man that criminal justice was an oxymoron. He asked for more. I expressed my observation that justice is not criminal, and there is no crime in justice.

He called the thought a tautology.  He is a lawyer.  I needed a moment to process, and therefore knew I needed to be sure of the word, a word I had understood only through "context" previously.

So it turns out a tautology is a repetition.  He was accidentally almost correct; the repetition in this instance points out the false equivalence. The two are a different form of contradiction. And I am still uncertain of the perfect word for this rhetorical incorrectness.

But in my searching, I found a great resource by accident.  I entered "misconception fallacy" into the web-search, to see if any documents compared those two words side by side. And I found this:  <-- WHO KNEW!!!

Meanwhile, he had in fact attempted to end the discussion I proposed - that abolition of the criminal system is the path to justice - with a fallacy.  But there is still a better word! Is it definitely this one?

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Namaska Adam,

This is a discussion that we must have in class. Please remember to bring it up and we will start this conversation.


Adam, at add; May I suggest investigating the concepts (words):

1) Hypostatization
2) Reification
(Both concepts share mean[ing]).

This one does get weird quick in the etymology [using webster's contemporary unabridged service; I have to get my hands on a 1950's era copy. It is extremely curious why/what changes in etymology after those editions - as I have noted a drastic change]. 

The first seems to literally mean "understand" but then the denotations go so many directions. I see the second with a possibility to be similar to deify, but the lexicographers take an entirely different path.

I will gladly take a small nudge at this wall, if I may hypostatize my thoughts.

This is a dialog that we must involve the young people with, in class....


Noted! Namaska.


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