Modern American society is involved in a delicate trap of its own

making. The trap is the dilemma of contemporary violence which is a

condition of existence that is affecting large numbers of the American

public. Violence is a mercurial condition or state which on the surface

appears to be simple to describe but, in reality, is as complex as the theory

of general relativity. Violence can be as natural as a volcano, as

wholesome as a football game, or as contrived as a well executed


Historically, there have always been people who acknowledge the

tremendous role that violence plays in the affairs of mankind. Yet,

strangely, many are quite biased in their considerations of the causes and

effects of violent behavior. While attempts have been made, here and

there, to interpret the dynamics of violence in modern American society,

little information can be found which details the causes that give birth

to collective chaos.

be the “key to future survival.”

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Comment by Clifford Black on November 18, 2011 at 12:39pm

@Joe D. Bell & Adisa---At this point you are the only (two-2) people that seem to be interested in starting a class regarding the book "violence in the Promised Land". Will set it up and we will start in the first week of December.

Namaska and Thank You!!!!!


Comment by Clifford Black on September 13, 2011 at 4:54pm

@Adisa-It is like putting a 5000 piece puzzle TOGETHER, you must go step by step!


Comment by Adisa on September 13, 2011 at 1:05pm
“In order to understand and issue, relevant information must be acquired about the subject matter.” This is something I failed to do on many fronts, having internalized other’s ideas, concepts, beliefs, thoughts and accepted them as my own and even defended them as if they were my own. I have participated in violent employment efforts thinking, “I was making things better.” Without having an understanding or having knowledge of what violence actually was, I was a part of what seemingly is a self reciprocating problem.

I think, the key identifiable element begins with UNDER educating. I was speaking with someone a short time ago and she was telling me about the high school she attended. The way she was describing the school facilities, I was thinking how could this be possible, in the so called greatest country, the land of opportunity, the Promised Land. I can recall the schools my cousins attended in Washington, D.C. as they were growing up, and I realize why they dropped out when they did. Deep down back then as a child I knew something wasn’t right. I recall politicians who stood up in front of crowds yelling education is the key. I enjoy videography, and I had an idea to travel this free country and start a documentary obtaining video footage of schools in this world’s greatest country. I wanted to provide a visual comparison across the board, and also provide comments of elected officials stating notions about education being important etc. If one was to really take a look at the problems with education the evidence is overwhelming.

Taking an introspective look or looking at violence under a microscope, one may get to a point of having to admit they have equally been a part of the problem and also having to determine how to go about causing change. Scary! Maybe it’s easier to try and convince oneself otherwise and/or make excuses. Since the indoctrination of public school, the methods have changed very little on a mass scale. The indoctrination begins with the pledge of allegiance. I know adults, voting adults, who could not state what allegiance means but could recite the pledge in a moment’s notice, even if they did not complete school. Yet, impressionable children stand up and reciting this pledge every day in school. From there it seems to me to bleed over into other parts of culture within the United States and this reading does point out other cultural practices in the U.S.

Is it possible that thinking people could effectively dissect problems, and then rationally and logically come up with solutions? Is it also plausible that thinking people could quite possibly avoid future problems instead of passing them on generation after generation? I’m suggesting that right now maybe indoctrinated people are not only a part of the problem but assist in carrying out the provided solutions without an understanding of either. Non-thinking people are having children, subjecting them to the same violations they incurred, never coming to an understanding of how the problem continues to worsen. When one gains an understanding of what violence is, one will may come to a conclusion that any violation on a person to exist in their natural state is violence. Is what seems to be incurring in the U.S., the very definition of insanity?
Comment by Joe D. Bell on September 6, 2011 at 6:06pm

Violence – In the Promised Land

Remember the title; it is a great read and study guide. This book is a great recipe for examining the sources of what ills beset many of us in our country, the United States. Studies of these essential elements of violence could apprise us of the causes of violence and give us the opportunity to analyze them and develop cures for what ails us one element at a time. Many of us would be amazed to know the source of many instances of violence (causes) that affect us right now and we don’t have a clue as to its origin. What I am proud to know is that we can examine each of these elements of violence and determine how we can do things differently, prevent repetition of the past and develop better ways and means of removing the stigma of a violent people.

Let’s look at the numerous “elements of violence” as set out by the author, our very own, Dr. Clifford Black, in his book, Violence in the Promised Land. He did not necessarily put these elements in an order to indicate which one was first and in some manner suggest where to start to work on curing them in that order. However, an order or priority may be beneficial to cure these ills one cure at a time that is most efficient and effective for us.

We can enumerate the elements of violence cited in the book, then put them in an order, we will call a priority, and one by one determine how we can change each of these sources by analyzing and studying them and making them effective or ineffective in our lives. That means that we will revise some, strengthen some and completely abandon others.

 My first priority: 1. Revise the Public School System in America, but we will start     right here at home in Memphis. I don’t think we can be nearly as effective by trying to teach anyone what and how to learn by the rote method; there must be a better method that motivates students from the inside out. What would be better than for each individual to discover and implement his/her desire to find their own way in life? The best way to do that is to learn how to read. Reading changes what you think about and how you think about things, your world, and your life. With reading we get to see things from another perspective or another’s perspective.

Now, what could we do to change our school curricula and second of all, change the way we think about education? I suggest that if we only changed two things we will have come a long way to revolutionizing education in America. One thing is  reading requirements: a strand of reading curriculum shall run from the grades K–12, each level expanding and intensifying at each succeeding level, emphasizing comprehension and speed.

Second Priority: 2. Teach levels of K-12 on “How to Study”. This is crucial. Even though that is what students do, the question becomes when do students learn how to study? Too much is assumed. I was never taught how to study; I have spoken with other graduates from college even and they tell me the same thing; they were never taught how to study. That is a gross mistake that borders on neglect; it may even be criminal. How can students do what is the heart of their existence while in school if they are not taught and not even given the tools to succeed. Even yet, how can we assume that the student has the tools it takes to succeed?

There you have it for the biggest changes to education. But, I am not through. There is so much irrelevant information in today’s school curricula. Much of the stuff being taught could be removed, revised or updated. Surely everyone does not have the same desires to pursue the same things in life and early on in life one ought to be learning how to learn.  That alone will take them in any direction they want to go.  Learning to read and how to studying will do more for students than anything else they will study. Reading and Studying are something they should m

Comment by Clifford Black on September 3, 2011 at 2:19pm

Next month there will be an on-line course using this material as the starting square.  If interested send message to Mr. Black and you will receive information regarding this effort.


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