Imagine a culture without the programming tools of books, schools, church, newspapers, radio, magazines, television, internet, etc. Imagine a culture that lives outside of their shelter more than do inside. Can you see how watching the sky and all of nature around them be their television? The brain is the most powerful computer that you will ever own. Often times we run to the calculator to solve simple mathematical questions, not even attempting to think and work the problem out for ourselves. Is it because we are too lazy to think for our selves or is it because we haven't been taught how to think for ourselves? Don't forget who programmed the calculator. So ask yourself what/who programmed your computer? How many programs have been written for your computer and where did the programs come from? Are you going to pass down any of those programs to your little computers? Or are you going to analyze the programs and write new ones for yourself and off-springs? 

The sound of language and watching others is what initially programs us. The words of our mother, father, brothers, sisters, etc is how you learn how to speak the language (program) of your region. The English language is a mixture or many languages, but from talking to friends that speak languages i have learned that concepts like "cursed words" don't exist in earlier languages. Concepts like cursed words causes confusion and create problems. Here i am a child, hearing older people use these curse words and i am not suppose to use them, and definitely not supposed to use them around older people. They were asking me to do something that they don't do themselves. Causing me to lie behind their backs if i choose to use those words and think of them as being hypocritical for using them. If this concept of cursed words wasn't within the language, this problem would be solved! There are concepts, connotations, words and definitions within this program that are unnecessary included to be flat out destructive. 

One of the first things that confused me about Christianity was the fruit it produced, as far as the people. I would hear this concept that Sunday is the "Lord's day". I would see people "sin" monday thru saturday, only on sunday to practice doing what they thought was right. I also remember learning this concept of a powerful god in the sky that see's all and know's all. Then the concept of if you're bad God sends you to hell, if you're good God sends you to heaven. I didn't put it together then, but Jesus, God, heaven and hell was just like an earlier concept that was taught to me being Santa Claus and naughty or nice. I remember watching the news at 9 and 10 years old thinking "Where is God?" "Why does God allow so many good people to get killed by the bad people?" I was confused.... It took awhile, be i finally realized that there is no God coming to save the good. The bad will continue killing the good, until the good out-smart or out-bad the bad. I looked at nature and saw the Lion hunting, killing and eating the Hyena, and in turn i saw the Hyena hunting, killing and eating the Zebra and realized that Earth will never be the peace and perfect harmony that most good people wish and want for. I realized that hierarchy is natural and i want to be and mostly importantly i want my children to be closer to the Lion than the Zebra. I'm now learning that i will always have a beast on my ass trying to conquer. I better get smarter, work harder and practice what i think is right for me everyday. Or else, i will have some person repeating another common concept, that one can't possibly know to be true.... "They are in a better place, they are at home with the Lord".




From the photo album Jesus Is Geometry" inspired by Dr. Clifford Black

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Comment by Clifford Black on December 14, 2011 at 11:46pm

The two of U have made my day---keep doing what U are doing and remember, those who do, WILL !!!


Comment by Brandon Imhotep on December 14, 2011 at 8:44am
Hotep and Namaska Adisa... Your comment reminds me of a comment i saw on AL'S facebook... someone stated that their smart phone was smarter than they were. I thought... that might be true, but what a damn shame. Technology is causing us to lose many things, some maybe minor and some major. Just a few years ago, before cellphones became popular, we had to remember telephone numbers; now i'm sure children of today would be in aw of how many numbers we filed in our memories. What's next? Th'Ankh you for build!
Comment by Adisa on December 13, 2011 at 5:22pm

Namaska Brandon, great view point, great concepts and great questions.  Whenever I hear the term artificial intelligence and hear people making statements about AI surpassing human intelligence, I would think to myself how could an intelligence programmed by a human surpass the human?  Now I understand that everyone is not thinking and very few know what thinking is.  Why think about figuring problems out when its so easy to press a button on a computer or a calculator?  Were these advancements not made to make it easier for humans or to make humans serve these advancements and those that are thinking enough to create them?  Thanks again for the share peace lords!

Comment by Brandon Imhotep on September 3, 2011 at 12:22pm

Yes Sir Namaska Dr. Black! I am getting back to A right now, you must forgive me wanting to see M - Z... for i have been waiting almost 30 years to start to get understanding. Peace God!


Comment by Clifford Black on September 3, 2011 at 9:38am

Namaska Brandon,

One of the most difficult things to learn is how to travel at a speed that allows one to move step by step!!!

Comment by Brandon Imhotep on September 2, 2011 at 3:35pm

Thank you for everything Dr. Black! I was hoping you would say that, i will continue to work to cancel that "may".


Comment by Clifford Black on September 2, 2011 at 12:41pm

@Brandon-You may be, at this point, ready for the first grade!


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