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This article was originaly written some years ago by Clifford Black and has been recovered by a relative who feels that it is relevant at this time!!!


NOTHING stays the same. EVERYTHING “must change”. As seasons continue to come and go, FULL CIRCLE, it is incumbent upon all thinking individuals to learn from past experiences. In other words, while it is not certain that the weather will be the same this year as last, there is the possibility that if it happened before, it just might happen again. This thought is part of the fundamental constitution of all sensible farmers as they nurture the land they love. The farmer must be ever cognizant of the many complexities relative to the force of nature. Tenders of civil rights would do well to follow the example of the farmer.

Because of past experiences with nature, and her power to give and take, farmer George is extremely careful about where and when he plants his seed. Hoping to receive the maximum reward for his effort, the farmer is ever vigilant of nature’s laws. Knowing exactly “WHEN” to plant the seed, he must also aim careful attention to the many factors that are determinants in the environment “WHERE”, the desired culture will germinate. In consequence, if George plants the seed at the wrong time, or wrong place, he will not receive the “RIGHT” benefit of a fruitful harvest.

The seed of “Civil Rights” was naturally planted in the fertile ground of the U.S. Constitution. In the original document, known as the first draft, “Rights” were to be extended to “All” people in an equitable manner. The original “Constitution” was never to be ratified and therefore a second draft was cultivated (composed), as a compromise, which ultimately diluted the original intent of “natural rights” for all people. The predecessor of this “Civil Rights” seed was the “Treaty of Runnymeade” (1215 A.D.), where-in, King John of England GAVE the “Right of Privilege”, through the “Magna Charta”, to what is known as the English People.

The story of the “Magna Charta” is absolutely fascinating. The King, who was loosing the war of rebellion, which would have resulted in the loss of his royal head, decided on the wise action of giving the people what “he” called freedom. The Right of Kings declares that the Supreme Monarch of the land represents “God” in person, and, therefore holds the Right of life and death over his subjects. Two hundred years after John, another English King rescinded the Magna Charta and the common villager was returned to total subjection and bondage.

The framers of the American Constitution would later be reminded of this turn of events by Thomas Paine’s “Pamphlets on Common Sense”. Because of this reminder when, then, King George of England and Great Britain, who was losing the war against the rebellious colonies, offered to extend the Rights of The English Citizen to the colonial rebels, they refused. The colonist would tell George NO THANK YOU, they refused the offer saying: “What man gives to another, man can also take away.”

According to the renowned philosopher Voltaire, and other writers from the period in European history known as the “Age of Enlightenment”, certain “PRINCIPALS OF LIFE” are not to be given, nor received, by one person to another. The principal of FREEDOM, according to the colonial insurrectionist and their Enlightened Constitution, is a God given (natural) right and cannot be ordained by the hand of a man.

The authors, of the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Constitution for the United States, however, did not take into account that some of the people who would have to ratify this magnificent document, were in fact, egomaniacal hypocrites. In order to appease certain factions of the Confederated Colonies, and gain immediate acceptance of the Constitution, it was agreed upon that the rights of this Great Document would only apply to, what would be defined as, free white men (who owned land and were 21 years of age).

Consequently, a different seed from the one that had been intended by the great planter Jefferson was deviously impregnated into the American landscape. Old Tom (the Virginia planter), was never able to keep his word to those classes who were beneath his station. Subsequently, Thomas Jefferson died begging forgiveness from God for his spineless behavior and indiscretions against his fellow man.

The socio-political and economic advantage of American citizenship, from day-one of the ratification of the Independent Constitution, was given exclusively to the so-called American white man. The great freedom experiment would start the process of degeneration almost before it had begun. What this amounts to is real evidence regarding, so-called Christian-Western Civilization and its, propensity for forked tongue behavior (hypocrisy).

While declaring himself free and his liberty unencumbered, the so-called American white man would continue the practice of kidnapping, forced labor, incarceration and mind manipulation of Afrikan People. Furthermore, the tactics of Native American extermination as outlined by Nathaniel Beacon (1676), would continue under color of law. It should also be mentioned that the so-called white woman was also left out of the original “de Jure” contract, the first seven articles of the U.S. Constitution.

One aspect that should be clearly understood by these three groups - African Americans, Native Americans and so-called American white women - is the long proven fact that if FREEDOM can be appointed, it can also be disappointed. It should also be noted that the freedoms which have been given to these groups falls under the heading of de facto articles of the U.S. Constitution and are not guaranteed by the laws of nature nor by nature’s God.

There-in is found the roots of both modern civil rights and also what is now, being called, affirmative action. Civil rights were born out of the advantages that were given to the white male Christian settler, as he claimed someone else’s land, by right of manifest destiny. Because of unfounded beliefs, xenophobia and absolute greed the now independent ex-British subject/settlers (white-slave) would set into motion the dynamics that have lead to NUMEROUS civil rights acts that have been passed into law. The reason that there have been so many civil rights laws enacted, is that a piece of paper means absolutely nothing unless there is INTENT to ENFORCE the contract which has been agreed upon.

Civil Rights as a political reality, almost exclusively directed towards the African American community, began after the Civil War between the States (1861-1865). The Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth amended articles to the constitution (defacto rule), were supposed to mandate (give) Rights of Citizenship to the Afrikan Population in the United States. It never happened. Skipping a few instant civil rights statues we come to Susan B. Anthony and the women’s suffrage movement. Again, Rights are given out to people who accept what is given without regard to the hypocrites who are doing the giving.

In the 1960s an agreement was reached between a few American negroes, who wanted to be accepted by so-called white people, and the United States Govt. The agreement was to entail that the so-called black population would give up its separate facilities and merge into the dominant (majority) population and receive access to equality through programs such as affirmative action. We must remember that affirmative action had been the exclusive domain of the white settler since 1789.

At present, after a short thirty years of sharing the advantage with others, the settler is upset and has now decided, like the English Kings, to renege on the agreement. In the meantime, what is now the Afrikan American population, having dismantled their separate but [un]equal infrastructures, are now at the complete mercy of govt poverty programs.

All things considered, it may be best for those who are now in charge of the U.S. Government to take back the Trojan Horse known as affirmative action. This GIFT, like that of defacto civil rights, is just an empty box. After each fiber of the elaborate wrapping is removed and the box opened, nothing of substance can be found inside.

But maybe, if the whole scenario of CIVIL WAR is repeated one more time (practice makes perfect), those people who are truly suffering the bonds of oppression will stop permitting others to speak for them. Just maybe, in the future, Sons and Daughters of kidnapped People, will hold onto what they develop and allow it to grow. The season has changed. The storm is on the horizon and nothing will ever again be the same.

Maybe the former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, had the right idea as it pertains to the Declaration of Independence. Whereas all men are free to make themselves into a nation of independent people who must be willing to produce and then protect, by any means necessary, that production.

Newt declared that all people should enjoy, unencumbered, the pursuits of life, liberty and happiness with equal access to health, education, and welfare. The great protector of American culture and Constitutional Rights has advised that easy to follow instructions (for intelligent people) are to be found in the document known as the Declaration of Independence.

Those individuals who are truly concerned about the matter of affirmative action and/or civil rights should make all haste as they acquire copies of this great American document. After a comprehensive reading of this declaration of FREEDOM, each PERSON should then “AFFIRM” HIS or HER own-SELF and BEING, and then, “TAKE ACTION”.

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Comment by Lumumba Ali on January 2, 2011 at 8:52pm
Not yet Baba...I'm reading and will reply shortly.
Comment by Clifford Black on January 1, 2011 at 2:44pm

If after the New Year has come and gone and no one shows interest in learning about so-called civil rights I will delete this thread---


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