THEM: Let me ask you a question, ANDRE, what good would believing in no god do for me answer me that, then we can talk..?

ME: To answer your question, I can't tell you what is good for you. So, if you want to have a true meaningful conversation about beliefs, I have to ask you to clarify what does it mean to believe. To follow up, truth must be proved. Theories and beliefs are not truth, no matter how much faith or fear one has. Truth can only be verified mathematically, if it doesn't add up, its not truth.

THEM: So you say, we walk by faith not by sight, so how is it 1man+1woman make 3 math is inconclusive, an imagination of the mind. It has been proven by scientist that the big bang is all lies, so did u believe the big bang, before it was said to be a lie?

ME: Somehow you have avoided clarifying what a belief is. You say math is inconclusive, an imagination of the mind correct? Okay using your scenario of 1 man and 1 woman make three. Using just your scenario that is true. It can be proven. It is something tangible, that you can see and touch. However, if you add more to that statement that truth could change. I did not say anything about a big bang. If you wish for me to speak on what I believe, please clarify what belief means.

THEM: Sort of, but u complicate god, when he is so simple, if a child is brought up not knowing parents, does that mean they don’t exist?

ME: You said he, does god have a penis?

THEM: You may deny god but he still loves you, the bible says every knee shall bow an every tongue will confess that Jesus is lord.

ME: Come on, answer the question. I answered your question can you not or will you not answer my question to you?

THEM: Who has the seed the woman or the man, without the man planting the seed can a child be born, that’s why I say he.

ME: So your god has a penis? Is that a yes? "Who has the seed the woman or the man, wit out the man planting the seed can a child be born, that’s why I say he" Are we speaking of your god or are we speaking of woman and man flesh, bone and blood?

THEM: Of course god, he created us with free will we can deny him, or accept him, cause he is the parent I do no but LOVE. As for penis talk, that’s going back to stupidness, pray to god and asks him, he will answer you, not me. I respect him to much.

ME: I see you refuse to answer the question with a yes or no. It's that simple as you stated. Now I thought you wanted to have a conversation. So your idea of a conversation is you ask the questions and when a question is given to you, your answer is to avoid by quoting the bible or responding with something that clearly avoids the question at hand.

THEM: Yeah but u know the answer was Christ a man or a woman, god came in flesh so he could, feel an see like us, to know what we go through. Even though we were once babies can we go back and feel what we felt like as a child, THATS WHY GOD CAME TO EARTH.

ME: So the Christ is the god in genesis? Which chapter and verse reads that god came in flesh so he could feel and see like us, to know what we go through? If "he" is all knowing, wouldn't "he" already know what we feel and go through?

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Comment by Clifford Black on June 25, 2012 at 11:18am

All that I can say is "Be Careful"


Comment by Adisa on June 25, 2012 at 10:29am

Namaska, Dr. B, I know I should have checked my watch on this "conversation but this was really entertaining to me. 

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