Discipline violence and the African American Child

Discipline today is a paramount social problem among people of Afrikan descent. Large numbers of school officials, parents, caretakers, the courts and other related parties are grasping for answers to a series of social concerns being posed and experienced by Afrikan American children and youth. The floodgates have been opened. Increasing acts of violence are being committed by the young who are now shocking the nation. Punishment misconstrued as discipline contributes immensely to this out of control dilemma.
At present, Afrikan people have encountered a mountain of misinformation that has grown over a period of four to five hundred years, into a pyramid of idiocy and nonsense negro realities. This essay addresses some of the issues that have shaped a myriad of complexities, into problems that here-to-fore have seemed impossible to cope with and/or solve.
When a scientist wishes to find an answer to a problem, he/she must endeavor to develop a correct formula. A formula will allow step-by-step analysis of an equation, which then, sparks the mind to find a congruent answer (solution). In the case (equation) of discipline and the Afrikan American child, this writer suggests that the correct formula is not being applied, especially in the United States. The reason for this is quite simple. The preponderance of people relative to this problem has not known and now “KNOW” very little about original Afrikan cultures.
The root of discipline is based in a cultural experience. Heretofore, negroes have a limited European culture, abandoning their own. Because they have lost their culture, they have lost their history as well. Because they have lost their history, they have lost their sense (knowledge) of discipline.
A view-point comes into existence over long periods of experience. As experience is passed on from parents to children, it takes the form of experiential information (empirical knowledge). This type of knowledge becomes the family myths, and myths are used as tools to help young minds to develop. Myths are sometimes distorted and can be used as a method to hinder developing intellect in order to create confusion.
This latter process has been successfully applied to the preponderance of NEGROES, as they have been created during the enslavement of Afrikan people. These statements are made so that certain truths about existence may be examined. In other words, the question must be asked - whose picture is it? Through whose eyes are you seeing your reality? Through whose reality do you define your concept of discipline?
Most people in the U. S. A. today BELIEVE that words mean whatever Mr. Noah Webster has determined. This determination could possibly be shaping your reality. In fact if you are one of those persons, YOU are doing a grave injustice to yourself and to your children.
In recent survey, the question was asked: “what is discipline?” Out of 100 African Americans
surveyed, sixty-six percent (66%) said, “I don‘t know" or in fact did not know, and five percent (5%) said a way of life.
With this survey in mind, it is appropriate to investigate how so many European-minded negroes learned to “BELIEVE” that “DISCIPLINE” means punishment. One of the premises of this discourse is to show that Afrikan-minded people “KNOW” that discipline is “SELF-CONTROL”. Self-control leads to self-respect. A collective group of bold INDIVIDUALS who exercise self-respect can have self-reliance and can be free of problems that stem from a lack of discipline.

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Comment by Clifford Black on November 7, 2012 at 12:58pm

Namaska Adisa---this is how you are going to learn how, to find yourself in others. Do not be to quick to waste time if you cannot see yourself.

Comment by Adisa on November 7, 2012 at 12:40pm
I shared this with a family member and she had the following to say; "I started thinking of a different discipline a few years back becuase I really didnt understand the linkage of I hit you because I love you, so i stopped using whoopings as a form of discipline. I feel like God reopened my mind to different methods of thought to get a child to think through their actions and actually learn from it, this book has solidified that for me. Thanks. The one thing that got me was when my child at 3 years old said to me, "Mommy, I don't understand if you love me why do you spank my butt." I was from that point changed."
Comment by Clifford Black on June 8, 2012 at 5:57pm

Never the less. look it up for yourself and while you are at it look up and break down what a consonant is and figure out what it does regarding vocal sounds.


Comment by Clifford Black on June 7, 2012 at 2:11pm

In class on Wednesday, June 6, 2012, a discussion about what Ms. Pope has been asking everyone to investigate regarding learning how to be an efficient detective, by study of the modalities and methods of Sherlock Holmes, happened in what turned out to be a marvelous hour and a half.  The moment allowed talk to take place about some of the words that need to be learned in order to comprehend the composition. One of those words being MYTH. When a learner comes to the realization that some of the words that we believe we know are not what we are thinking in a manner that is in our self-interest, and, when we can control our perception and perspectives THEN we are in a position to change the world. ONE STEP AT A TIME.

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