Be great, I’m already great, as a matter a fact I take that back I’m awesome.  No? I’m sophisticated and educated. But be great in which way, academically, athletically, popularity, or voluntarily?

How do they expect someone to be great but don’t specify on the rules and regulate on what can be done and what to say?                                                                        When it comes to the public eye we have no voice,                                                                             how can that be when we control the future choice.

Be unique and take a peek at what our destiny has in store for you and me.  Foresee the fate of this country. Let’s set ourselves free from today’s society, let’s be one within thee.

Take in and give out exhaling our thoughts, a world full of hate that droughts people out like the scorching weather in the desert, but where is the love glorious as heaven above?                         Everyone’s either depressed or aggressed but where’s the happiness?

We start flipping through magazines and watching TV, seeing visuals that society says we should be. Being affected by those around us, building thick walls of sin, having fun every now and then, but where’s our Mario that’ll save us from this again and again?

We shall win and not pretend; we’ll persevere without a tear or even fear the future that is near. We have to be a team to play out this dream; we have to stop the nonsense violence and blossom the kindness.

For all my peers stop being so narcissistic and ballistic, for take time out just to listen, therefore you might receive something that’ll glisten. Let’s all be different and be ourselves. Forget what they say, why should you care, okay so what let them stare. Believe it in your heart, feel it in your soul, think it in your mind that no one is as great as I. You could cure the world; you could save lives, by being so grateful and being so wise. Be great to everyone each and every day, for it will pay off in a very special way. And as I say be great within for inner self is better than skin.

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Comment by Clifford Black on February 7, 2013 at 11:24am

This is the way one of our young persons is thinking and learning how to share those thoughts, please take the time to read and comment.


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