What ever is to be done must happen from the inside.  The choices that you decide to make for yourself will TELL a great deal of information about who you are.  In the end what you do depends on the decisions that you have made about yourself.  Your action(s) tells people what you’ve decided about who you are, and who they are, and why you are here, and why you think they are here, and what life itself is about.”

“These decisions have greater impact than you could ever guess.  “Life is a decision conveyer.  It conveys to the world the decisions They touch people in ways that go far beyond what you might have imagined.”

“Yet it does not begin by trying to change the world.  It begins by seeking to change the self.  Change the self and your inner world changes.  And when your inner world changes, the outer world that you touch changes, little by little.  And when the outer world that you touch changes, the world that it touches changes, and the world that it touches.  Outward and outward and outward this spreads, like a ripple in a pond.”

“You may think that people do not look to you, but they do.  More people than you know.  Everyone, in fact, whose life you touch is touched by your example.  You are giving them data about life.  You are telling them how it is, how things operate, how things are, and they will emulate you, they will copy you, they will take your data into their world and make it a part of their own lives.”



Being and doing are clearly interrelated, but the biblical order is critical: what we do should flow out of who we are not the other way around.  Otherwise our worth and identity are determined by achievements and accomplishments, and when we stop performing, we cease to be valuable.  When people answer the question ‘Who are you?’ by what they do, the world has a way of responding, ‘so what have you done lately?’”


“When what you are doing is a reflection of what you are being, rather than an attempt to create what you wish you were being, you will know that you have produced lasting change in yourself.  This is what produces lasting change in the world.”

“Remember what was said earlier.  You cannot do peaceful, you can only be peaceful.  You cannot do loving, you can only be loving.  You cannot do unified, you can only be unified.”

“Seek, then, to shift your state of being.  Do not seek first to change the world, seek first to change the self.”

“When you achieve that, your actions will automatically change


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Comment by Clifford Black on July 9, 2011 at 10:34pm

@Adisa---You are finding because You are looking.....


Comment by Adisa on July 9, 2011 at 2:57pm
This speaks to me!
Comment by Clifford Black on March 14, 2011 at 2:59pm

The ebb and flow of life is an ongoing process and it (life) takes time to comprehend.


Comment by Mike Brown on March 14, 2011 at 1:21pm

So the saga goes on. living in a capitalistic society, supplemented by the media, one may never achieve a fair glimpse of the self because so much of what I  observe of poeple today is predicated of the persona and not the self. What/Who is considered successful is the man who has all the toys and the liberty to used them. It doess not matter what he has BEcome internally, as long as he can DO as he please. No longer is it important to put your heart into your work so that when someone views that work they may be able to say "I know who has done this because it speaks on them." So why all this consistency on living and learning how to live, lets just do and be happy. Why ? maybe because doing is so mechanical and robotic, and as we search and began to understand that anything/anyone that is robotic is enslaved to not only the program that runs it but to the programmer that created the program. Doing

is temporal and once what you have done has passed away so will you. being is eternal for it will aways be there.

So way is it that the Martin King and the Malcohm Little continue to be remembered, it might BE BEcause of who they were/Be and not what they DOne.  

Comment by Clifford Black on March 14, 2011 at 9:20am

The first steps of the real journey and I have no doubt that YOU WILL traverse  the path-way!!!!


Comment by Lumumba Ali on March 14, 2011 at 8:46am

Me once was the "me" is found.

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