There have been a number of questions about WHY this poem was posted on the music list. When the last poet's brought this thought to the attention of the American consumer, at the time, it (the thought), was appropriate. But now, at this time, because of the zeitgeist, it ( the poem), just serves as an instrument to remind us of the fact that the revolution that they were talking about has already happened. That event has already taken place, it is over and done with. I would venture to suppose that because it was not televised most folks did not see it, they missed it. The song/poem reminds us of past events and that there were/are great seer's and prophets among us who just seem to know how to know. It reminds us that some of our ideas may need to be looked at from different angles. That maybe, at this time, those who holler the loudest are the one's who are in the deepest sleep.

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"That maybe, at this time, those who holler the loudest are the one's who are in the deepest sleep." Wow, I wonder if Wise, Sharpton and Jackson are in that group?
Mr. Black, exactly when did the event happen? I know of so many people still waiting for the revolution to get here. I do remember my ephinpy of understanding that it was over, but I don't think many people have had he same opportunity as I. You are correct in that it was not televised but it certainly happened and in plain view for those that were involved or for others trained how to see. I am not suggesting I am one of those, I learned much later. A natural question one might also consider and I am asking is why wasn't it televised?

Now I understand that when you say that it is over and was not televised, you are NOT just creating a metaphor or being coy. I get that you are being concrete and adamant, but again why do think it was not reported on and televised as, when and after it had occurred?
what were you watching when you saw almost 100 young people (who are not so young anymore), being picked up and placed into Federal Institutions (prisons). Rangers-El Rukin, Chicago Ill. Bombing-Move-Philadelphia. Assata-prison-escape-Cuba. Huey-8th st.-Oakland, Geronimo-I could go on until this page is full but it would be to no avail because things have changed and no one is really that interested excepting those who want information for a new poem about "When The Revolution Comes"..
Mr. Black, this is a whack upside the head and a testament to the power of definition.
Though I have long given up hope or even a desire for revolution it just dawned on me that at one period of time, the mid 1960s to early 1970s, there was revolt and it was happening right before my young and naive eyes.

However, because the news media, law enforcement agencies, politicians called it something else I saw what they suggested, civil unrest, protest and isolated pockets of violence by misguided young people and ex cons. I must admit I was encouraged by their deeds, but I never saw it from a macrocosmic perspective, thus the lack of vital contextual nuances required to see what is.

I have since done enough research, in fact I am currently staring at a book that supports this, to know better and see differently. Yet, even after doing the research I did not define it as revolution though I have heard you had make the statement dozens of times. I never thought to ask you why you said that. The unasked proper question(s) then can sometimes be a block to a whole different and fresh perspective on ones perceptions, at least that is how I am groking it.

Does this make sense?
examine the angles with great care and you may find that what makes sense will be realized for the examiner. Learn how to see the point and not the angles that you are looking from. Sometimes when we look at the point from the different angles we never get the point. And most times the dot is not what it will appear to be.

Does this make sense.
Yes, that is how english works both ways.
What then is operating inside our brains that in spite of copious irrefutable amounts of evidence we still only see what is suggested we see? That book I am referring to is entitled No Heros, by Danny O. Coulson and Elaine Shannon. There is some jarring information in it.

Please let me know if the information that is here has become worn and dated and I will erase.


I never thought an actual revolution took place.  The way I understood it, or the way it was shown to me caused me to think that people who were fighting were fighting for civil rights.  I always thought the people who were fighting were a part of the so called civil rights movement. 

Adisa, people were murdered outright for daring to revolt. I'm not talking about unarmed civil rights workers. That is what the media wanted us to see. There were people who
threw down and got busy and were feared. See if you can find anything about Twymon Myers?

Mr. Black has urged us to read Uncle Yah Yah, well I bothered to research the author. He's one of those guys.


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