Please research all of the "so called black mayors"----once done, list them in order.  Make comment on sequence of elections. In other words, who was elected first and what year did it happen? In what city did the event (elections) happen and in what year? What happened after the election and was the election the cause? Are there any obvious patterns that should be discussed? What benefits were received because of the election? If there were benefits who received them? Use youtube, yahoo, google search, wikipedia and anything else that you might think of to find information.  Try to find data in the 60 minute forum post, also look into the history channel and time online mag-us news-discovery--use anything and everything that you can think of --- as a suggestion--- in youtube--- you may want to watch Ghost Town 'Gary Indianna'  Rember, electronic sources for data may be the easiest but is not the best way of learning about an issue.  You should learn to be aware of fact vs. fantasy---opinion vs. evidence. There is much more that needs to be developed regarding this post but we will wait until it starts to happen and then expand.  If you are interested in finding out about some of the events that have happened in your life and understanding WHY, you may want to participate in this thread.


If u follow this thread u will find this link located below and this way, one can not miss this!!!




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This post is a double thread (you can find it on the Blog tab) please try to follow the instructions and if you investigate you may possibly hear what Newt G. is talking about regarding the Food Stamp President.
follow the lead and you will see what Newt G. is refering to when he is talking about what he calls the food stamp President.

Who has found and looked at "Ghost Town" Gary Indianna, if U are interested in the politics of Memphis you may want to look at this thread!!!!


I almost deleted this thread BUT, after a conversation with a few of those that are learning, I have had second thoughts and so I will try again---this time we will try it another way so let us begin with this:

Professor Black I am so happy you did not delete this thread On Politics of the United States I have done some work on this matter and not completed the work on this subject matter.... And I have learn to learn much on the subject once again thanks for not deleting this tread...

Peace Lord


Namaska C.

Glad someone is utilizing the data---now try this:


@MJ's, Jor-El---Namaska dear, Once you have studied and learned from the above link, then u will teach yourself from what you will find here:Copyright law of the United States: Place this into the wikipedia search and then learn it well enough to come to class and introduce the concept to the others in class.


im glad you didnt delete thread.. it has lead me to some eye opening info about the political machine

The video, "Exploring America's Ghost Town-- Gary Indiana," looks like post apocalyptic times often shown in hollywood moves... wow...

Please locate the thread "what is your understanding of political power" and try to merge this and that together.



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