Learning to construct a "Time Machine" is an endeavor that may be something worth knowing how to accomplish.  If by chance, one is interested in understanding the construct that we were born into, it will be essential to participate in this thread, and, this engagement can help to gain the kind of insight that will be needed.  One elementary tool that has to be developed is the ability to better understand history. Start with the so-called revolutionary war of The British North American Colonies. The First thing to do is to ask yourself, what do I know about this event and where did I acquire the information from.


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Namaska, I put a flux capacitor in my time machine and it requires 1.21 gigawatts to get back to the future!

Getting back to the future is something that Octavia Butler became very good at doing. There is an OB video on the site that may be of use-check it out.


Pedagogue:  late 14 Century, "schoolmaster, teacher", from Old French pedagogue teacher of children from Classical Latin paedagogus "slave who escorted children to school and generally supervised them" later "a teacher."  How many teachers/educators with college degrees earning a living know this or would accept this a truth of their field.  Has it not been said that slaves worked in the fields?

The Stamp Act produced the first congress of the colonies, The Stamp Act Congress.  The congress was the first gathering of elected representatives from several colonies. 

Why are there no classes about this in public school?


Dr. B. 

Depending on who this information is presented to, some may even feel its not a big deal to have this information taught in school.  Those that have assumed the role of rulers are not going to freely provide information to those that serve them, especially if the information could empower those other than themselves.  

I watched the movie "From Hell", an occult film on freemasonry and the characters in the movie who were freemasons and held positions of power ensured those who served knew their place so to speak.  I perceived a difference when the characters in the movie made reference to educated men as a clear distinction between those going to school and those who were educated men.

I discovered additional sections in the 1937 Webster's Dictionary.  The additional sections included:  Questions That May Be Answered With The Aid Of The Dictionary, Presidents of the United States, A List Of Amended Spellings, Faulty Diction Or Errors in English Speech And Writing And How To Correct Them, One Thousand Questions That May Be Answered With The Aid Of This Dictionary, Principal Commercial And Financial Terms In Eight Languages, The Constitution Of The United States, United States History A Chronology Of The Most Important Happenings In The United States History (The Stamp Act is included) and Gazetteer-Index Of The World.  Greart information previously included in dictionaries but no longer included and/or taught in schools.  There must be a reason why.

There is a reason why these things are no longer introduced to the lower classes and I think you are coming upon the answers sooner than you would think.


@KW, yes you are on track/course. Do not allow yourself to develop opinions. At this point all you are after is data/information. Is it not amazing that you are coming across so much info that has never been introduced. I wonder why not?


I would guess that before the internet age, it was easy to hide information.

Ms. Wade, as you know, you live in the same country that established a law that forbade certain people the opportunity to learn how to read and because of this action, over a period of time, you could hide a subject or an object by placing it into a book. At this time it makes little difference how you hide information when there is a habit that has come into existence. The habit is the act of ignorance, which is, now a behavior. Even with the internet, in most cases the information is still hidden from those who refuse to look and to learn how to see.


Ahhh, yes.  How could I forget that.  I find myself doubting the validity of many sources these days, internet and otherwise.  Wikipedia is a popular source, but the fact that entries can be added, deleted and amended by the public makes it seem unreliable.

Doing my best to keep from saying "I told you so".



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