Sunday, I was blessed to be involved in a conversation with like minded people discussing the origins of the original man. In our conversation we all agreed that the original man was indeed of african descent. But the very next question that came to mind was how did the other races evolve from the original man. The answer is a quiet truth that is whispered amongst the scientist of the world. . The truth shall set u free.

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Are you sure that you and/or the creators of the article actually understand the information that is being transmitted.  It is suggested that if one knows without knowing the learner is going to run into problems.


What is being said is thru genetic research of caucasian dna senquences scientists were able to find not only the common traits that link all people within the last 100,000  years to african origin but also isolate the gentic mutation that creates the albino(pale white skin) to caucasian. The article also goes on to say that this genetic disorder was not very common in the africans and mongoloids dna sequences and give light to how the mutation could create an african whose skin without melanin could not bear the the temperature or heat of the tropical climates.

I do not think that this makes sense.


Maybe this does not make sense, but it does make u think. Since I have opened this discussion I have had the pleasure and the opportunity to do much reading regarding The Human Genome Project, Ancient Human Migration, mitochondrial dna, albinism and how this research relates to the neanderthal cousin of the african man. The reasoning I use to relate  the genetic mutations that create different skin, eye and hair combinations is a theory similar to the genetic mutations of those of the animal kingdom that force evolution to adapt and survive in their enviroment. I cannot confirm that I am 100 percent accurate on my theory, but I can confirm the genetic mutations that cause albinism can lead to pale white skin and that this same genetic mutation exist within the mitochondrial dna of the caucasians test subjects that was used as the control group for this subject. Albinism is a inherited disorder. Is it possible that  2 or more albino africans produced offspring and their offspring inherited this disorder to pass to their offspring is the question.  The albinism gene is recessive and hence does not cause albinism unless a person  inherits two copies of the gene for albinism  in other words if  there is no  gene that makes the  normal pigment. In theory it makes sense to me, but my knowledge on the subject is very limited.

 Mr Black you were right, the article I cut and paste makes no sense. My apologizes for listing the wrong information.

The Caucasian originated at the same time as the Ethiopian, the Malayan, the Mongolian, the American Indian  and the Negro in the 18th century by Johann Blumenbach

Kelvin Stout

Brother Kelvin Stout, used my computer to make the entry about Johann B., and I will say to Bro. Kelvin and to Bro. D. Jones that I appreciate the work that you are doing as you try to figure this out for yourselves.  It is going to take this kind of effort to gain the ability to gain the insight that is going to be needed to stay on the right path as we make our way to see the wonderful wizard of OZ. Only with real effort can one get great reward.


Mr B, Johann Blumenbach theory is the original man is a Caucasian. That is implying that all other races are descendants of the Caucasian........

Blumenbach and other monogenists such as Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon were believers in the "degeneration theory" of racial origins. Blumenbach claimed that Adam and Eve were Caucasian(Georgian) and that other races came about by degeneration from environmental factors such as the sun and poor dieting—for instance, he claimed Negroid pigmentation arose because of the result of the heat of the tropical sun, while the cold wind caused the tawny colour of the Eskimos, and the Chinese were fair skinned compared to the other Asian stocks because they kept mostly in towns protected from environmental factors. He believed that the degeneration could be reversed if proper environmental control was taken and that all contemporary forms of man could revert to the original Caucasian race.[12]

Science has come a long way since the !8th century. DNA sequencing of the Mitochondrial DNA genome proves his theory incorrect. See for yourself in the links below.

Respectfully I agree to disagree with Johann Blumenbach theory.

Bro. Jones, if you can come to class I will do my best to guide you in a direction that will help you to understand what you are starting to see. As for the site, the best that I can do is to tell you to check out the video tab and into the search window place "race" and you are looking for the power of an illusion-this will get you started.


Let me please correct myself, the genetic mutation that creates albinism exist in all races. However most forms of albinism are the result of the biological inheritance of genetically recessive alleles (genes) passed from both parents of an individual, though some rare forms are inherited from only one parent. There are other genetic mutations which are proven to be associated with albinism. All alterations, however, lead to changes in melanin production in the body

Ahhh, I see the light.........................Thank you for your understanding and patience.


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