So what about racism, privilege, targeting and the like?

Ok so the surface was scratched about the issue of race in the red pill II training. Many may ask what about racism or discrimination, do they exist? What about white privilege is it a reality? Here's one that is astounding, targets vs. non target, with so called black people assigned the role as target and so called white people assigned the latter, is it real? How are they all applicable.

Here is another statement that brings up lots of discussion, "Black people cannot be racist because they don't have the power to be racist." There are lots more, but this is enough to cover a few books. What are you impressions concerning any of this topics? You can address one or all. If you attended the training be aware that the object of the exercise is to always true up the information first before one gives commentary or conclusion if indeed one can conclude anything..

Lastly what do you think the impact is on the assigning of labels like targets and privilege? In fact has anyone ever considered that making up, say for instance race, could have a detrimental effect on all parties? If that be the case could making up some tag like white privilege have an equal effect?

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We are going to review and renew our research into the word RACISM!

This is a very interesting article.  A few years ago (before I knew better) I would often regurgitate the nonsensical rhetoric that expressed that so-called black people cannot be racist.  Now with a more clear understanding of the word and of the intent of so-called racism I learned that I was gravely wrong.   


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