So what about racism, privilege, targeting and the like?

Ok so the surface was scratched about the issue of race in the red pill II training. Many may ask what about racism or discrimination, do they exist? What about white privilege is it a reality? Here's one that is astounding, targets vs. non target, with so called black people assigned the role as target and so called white people assigned the latter, is it real? How are they all applicable.

Here is another statement that brings up lots of discussion, "Black people cannot be racist because they don't have the power to be racist." There are lots more, but this is enough to cover a few books. What are you impressions concerning any of this topics? You can address one or all. If you attended the training be aware that the object of the exercise is to always true up the information first before one gives commentary or conclusion if indeed one can conclude anything..

Lastly what do you think the impact is on the assigning of labels like targets and privilege? In fact has anyone ever considered that making up, say for instance race, could have a detrimental effect on all parties? If that be the case could making up some tag like white privilege have an equal effect?

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Bro. Al,
Are u asking people to think?
Mr. Black, yes indeed I am. Thinking is something that seems to have come to be a lost art and science whenever race is induced into a conversation. Logic seems to get tossed and all sorts of beliefs, theories and illogical notions get introduced as if there were real. What I have observed is the truth gets thwarted for made up illusions and as a result people start discussing what you refer to as "ought to be world" instead of reality.

This issue/subject is one that needs to be explored and so here is some information that might be of use.

Read this book and tell if you think it is what our young people should be introduced into.


Let us see if this is talking about anything that "WE" understand.

Absent the nomenclature she did list somethings to consider. Yes, institutionalized racism is predicated on pure hatred and evil and what about the unearned privileges of some so called white people? Do you think any of what she enumerated have any validity?

Is there privilege of one group? What is it really based on? If we deconstruct the notion of race where does white privilege stand or better yet will it stand? Mr. Black, do you think these are vital question or am I missing some vital contextual nuance?

I ask this as a student and a learner.

@Al Lewis---The only way that it can fail and fall, is if, and when, more people learn what you and I, have been pointing out, for all of those who are willing, to look and see and then learn how to help others to SEE this nonsense for what it is.  The ability to realize that this is absolute Elephant Manure or to say it in American English. Bullshit!!!!!!  Dubois, said that race would be the central problem of the Age of Aquarius...We are now living in the future..


"Black people cannot be racist because they dont have the power to be racist."  I too believed and shouted this at one time, never comprehending anything I was saying and/or be-lie-ving.  Once it was pointed out that race as it was introduced to me, is unscientific and based on the idea of one individual, it was much easier to identify any truth in the statement.  If I choose to believe the statement, I could be giving up my ability to act.  The impact of assigning lables such as targets and privilege become dangerous when an image is provided along with the words and the image is allowed to take root.

As I read the article, I had to chuckle at some of the things indicated, a few of the things listed can be taken into consideration, but alot of them can not be trued.  Interesting enough privilege comes from the Latin word privilegium meaning "law applying to one person," and later from from privus meaning "individual."   

Adisa, back in day I hung out on a corner called Dunlap and Mosby. They called it the killing floor. To say is was tough is understatement. Now I come from a few generations of tough guys that hung out on Dunlap and Mosby. Because of who they were when I decided to hang there I had privilege. I would hate to see a so called white person believe they had that privilege. Even the police were leery of those cats.

That white is but an illusion, a mask covering several other intents and behaviors is for people capable of thinking to uncover for thmselves.

I hear that Al!  Lions lose no sleep over the opinion of its prey. 

It appears that the information that is here could be worth quite a bit. People may want to consider why their children are not being introduced to this.


When one considers where this word came into usage and what it was used for it creates a different thought to think about.  Look:

Very interesting and informative read.  The thought I had reading this were more on the actions done to people and not so much on the debate of racism, if it exists etc.  Seems inhumane to not consider what is being done to other living breathing individuals, sweep it under a rug and divert the focus on the word, the definition and usage of the word racism.  Regardless if the actions of an individual or individuals actions were based on ideas, ideals and/or concepts what was done to other people was and in many cases still being done.


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