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If you are learning with Mr. Black and you have not read and made comments regarding this post then we have a problem.


So there was a few Reverends that preached about freedom and power.  Rev. Ike knew the power of the mind! Thank you for posting Dr. Black

Thank you Dr. Black I have learn not to Judge or think that you know of someone without doing research and as I learn their have been many others trying as you are pointing out to us. I can only speak for myself I know that learning with you has been the best thing ever to happen for me.

Peace God and thank you for helping point out to me that I myself is becoming a God

Namaska Charles,

I hope that what I am doing is to help you to realize the potential that you were born with and B what you are.



Mr. Black i have read the post an some of the things the Rev. Ike is saying i agree with, but some of it sounds like proseperity preaching that these day clubs are laying on there membership

Namaska Michael-This non-sense that is going on with these kids is a  new version of what Ike and Father Devine were doing but without the INFORMATION, KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING that was once being transmitted by REAL Brothers who were trying to get people off of the plantation prison farms.


Dr. Black, I read the post on Thinkonomics and I must say that I see Rev. Ike in a different light than I did many years ago. His post has inspired me to correct my thinking process and to awaken the "Goddess" within me.

To Be or not To Be---Happy to know that you are starting to realize who and What you are.

Peace Lord!

Mr. Black,

Ms. Pam, is this what you are looking for---


Growing up, I would often hear of Rev. Ike and I just figured he was one of many Radio and Television preachers selling prayer cloths.  Now I know what he was truly about. 

Namaska Adisa,

It is going to take more than what is here for you to get a real insight into the life and times of the REVerend IKE. In order to see HIM in a better light you must learn about some of the people that he learned from such as, FATHER DEVINE, NOBLE DREW ALI(Timothy), W. CLEMENT STONE.  You can start your search here on the site and go from there.



I know there is more to this man than whats contained in the few pages of his writings.  I was just totally unaware that he was not pushing the same nonesense to people.  I have and will continue to look for more about him and the others mentioned.   I will search for more. 


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