Power is available to YOU, and it can be utilized in your life, BUT, it is up to you to turn on the switch.

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Doc, what are your thoughts around precepts that power needs to be found if energy can not be created
or distroyed. Could it be a lack of awareness (consciousness)
yes! But/and we need to discuss the question at length in class.
Mr. Black
I'm turning on the switch now... I'm tryna make it solar
i got you... dr. black, I POpe that we can get together and gain a better overstanding of the planning.
in time, over time, on time... never before.
im spongin...
We all have the ability to do, act or produce which is power. If only we look in the mirror and decide for ourselves who we are, what we want, and what we see when we look at ourselves . It is important to understand what power means and how to use it for our own purpose. Even if it means keeping our thoughts to ourselves instead of giving it to someone or compromising our values, morals, and integrity to appease someone else. So we have to turn the switch on and think outside of the box.
{ME, fr. OF poer, poeir, fr. poer, poeir, to be able, fr. OL potere - more at POTENT
1 : a position of ascendancy: ability to compel, obedience : CONTROL, DOMINION
If this definition is right, then decendants have nothing coming relative to power. Slave decents have nothing coming. Also, if power is an aspect of control then we must get a handle on Self-Control and Dominion is a facet of God and so dominion WITH-IN ourselves is of the utmost importance. But in order to get a clearer insight you must go to the word Potent. This process will take you to POTENTIAL which is a word that we have been discussing regarding POWER.
Mr. Black
If I truly understand power then I could perhaps be the POtentate of my own world?
If one has the ability to define what words mean for others, then one would have the ability to shape their (others) thoughts. The others, having no means of understanding the intent behind the thoughts because they do not have the "ability to" know, thus define for themselves, are at the mercy of the definers.

Take the word thought (to conceive), if one does not see themselves as a concept in the first place, then how could one conceive power as is being referenced on this thread? One will not have the "ability to" create the filtering process necessary to keep the controlling thoughts out.

The odd thing about it is so many people deceive and delude themselves into believing that belief itself is knowledge. Now elevate those that employ that particular illusion, add a little mass media or a pulpit, and you have a classic example of the blind leading the blind and in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king, but the man with both eyes, wide open, is God!

Slaves are the epitome of the blind and I am color blind to slaves. You grok?

Mr. Mann - Two Eyed!
if u refuse to do this for yourself, do not worry, someone WILL do it for YOU.
Mr. Black, you just said a mouth full. I like that. I never thought about it in those terms, but oh how true it is.


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