Power is available to YOU, and it can be utilized in your life, BUT, it is up to you to turn on the switch.

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Mr. Black, what are some tangible examples of human power and how can it be accessed?
The ability to create, and the capacity of thinking are aspects of the power that u refer to.
Wold that mean power has some connection to potential? And in that case does politics have any relativity to power?
Politics is one of the ways that POWER is used. POTENTIAL is far above and beyound the realm of politics.
So would that mean that metroPOlis and POlice are somehow relative to each other as well as POwer and POtential? In that case what does PO mean?
I would hope that those who choose to follow the Q&A might take advantage of the leads that u are freely giving to them. Just maybe, they will expand their range of AWARENESS (consciousness).
I think I am on the correct path, but If I am not please show me what I am missing.  PO on the chemical element chart as Polonium.  Polonium a radioactive element has been used as an initiator for nuclear weapons.

@Adisa-U are on the right track but in this case try looking at the sound "po" from another angle---start with the polar line which in fact connects the north and south poles in order to create an energy that is the power behind motion and also this will create the condition that can be understood as what is called 'LOVE'. Think about the word poly and maybe look into the force that gives us the word police and there is more that you will come across that will, I am sure, allow a greater insight into how the language is constructed---happy hunting!!!


Dr. B and Brother Al,

I went back to the beginning and I have arrived at the relativity of Power and Potential because Power means to be able and Potent the root word of potential means being able and powerful.

When I looked at the words, politic, polis, police, polity and policy they all relate to goverment, city, and/or civil administration.

Poly: meaning "many, much," from Gk. poly-, combining form of polys "much" (plural polloi); cognate with L. plus, from PIE base *ple- (cf. Skt. purvi "much," prayah "mostly;" Avestan perena-, O.Pers. paru "much;" Gk. plethos "people, multitude, great number," pleres "full," polys "much, plenty," ploutos "wealth," plethein "be full;" Lith. pilus "full, abundant;" O.C.S. plunu; Goth. filu "much," O.N. fjöl-, O.E. fela, feola "much, many;" O.E. folgian; O.Ir. lan, Welsh llawn "full;" O.Ir. il, Welsh elu "much"), probably related to base *pele- "to spread."

Since vowels can be interchanged I notice that this may be one of the cases when the "Y" is sometimes a vowel, making poli and poly the same.  If that is the case then Police and Policy are the same basically the same words as well.   

as, and the more that, you practise, you will start to see something that is very hard to explain so I will not attempt what is so hard to do.  I think that you will develop the capacity to "see" for yourself---if the maze becomes overly thick then I will help.

Peace Lord!!!


So, why not rub the lamp, excite the genie and ask for what it is that I wish for.
I can not say it any better than that!!!


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