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I have Dick Gregory's book Callus On My Soul and it is truely an excellent read. I have much respect for the elder. I was rummaging through my grandfather's library and found Mr. Gregory's other book about natural eating. It was nice and refreshing to see a natural lifestyle from an African American point of view, taking cultural nuances into consideration. Can't speak on John Brown at this point, will do further research.
Because of you and your desire to know, there may still be a small chance for the late great negro. I am just happy that you and the few, exist.........
I am really happy that u exist. I truly LOve the expression "will do futher research". Makes me sing the soup,um, good!!!
I was surprised to find out Aptheker was Jewish and communist, but also served as a commissioned officer in the U.S. military until he lost his commission for his affiliation. He also fought to end peonage, an extension of the institution of slavery, that requires more investigation. He passed in 2003 and exposed some real truths about so called slave rebellions (an oxymoron in itself and most especially about Brother Nat Turner.

I had the pleasure of meeting and spending a couple of days with Mr. Gregory where I got to ask him basically any question I wanted to.We had lunch and dinner together and I chauffeured him to his engagement, my group brought him here. He is an astute and funny guy. He is keen and has been involved in a whole lot of issues affecting people of color. I remember as a child fooling lots of people with his dollar bills. I also read his ground breaking book, Nigger way back in the day. Bought a few cans of his Bahamian Diet mix also. lol
When one learns to look, one may then learn how to "see" and to find what is not shown to us by the person whose job it is, is, to show what the owners of the exibition want seen!!!
To those names that are here please add ---S. B. Fuller and C. A. Diop, also A. M. Walker---research!!!

In the wording that can be found in this thread are the Names

of other persons of interest that should be investigated.


Dr. Black, I have located information on both, Samuel B. Fuller and Cheikh Anta Diop, however, locating information concerning  A.M. Walker has been more difficult. 

@Adisa--Antonio Maceo Walker developed an insurance company in Memphis TN.  This clue should help you to find information that everyone should have learned about in grade school.  Think about it.!


Thank you for pointing the way.  It seems to me if more had learned about this information and additional information similar to what is found on this thread, some may have wanted to reestablish these accomplishments.  I was under the assumption, that people relative to me did not or were not able or allowed to create as these people have.  I can not even recall hearing anything about these people during so called black history month. 

Antonio Maceo Walker and his father, Joseph Edison Walker founded Tri-State Bank & Trust Company later called Tri-State Bank of Memphis.  Joseph E Walker also founded Universal Life Insurance Company.


Rolling used to be what we learned to do from the rooftops while watching urban birds, then it became what we learned to do while driving slow in Cadiliacs and Rolls Royce, BUT, in fact what you are now doing is what those acts symbolize.  WE ROLLING.!!!!!

This thread is something that can be introduced to all of those who do not know (Adults as well as Children).



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