For those of you who are interested in the meaning of the term Namaska, please go to wickapedia and look up namaskar/namaste. Also read the Jonathan Livingston Seagull post by " Ms. Jessica Pope" under education and Gee is Geo is Earth and George is Earthman which also translates to farmer and this is the Husband of the land.

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Since we have so many of us who are just getting here, this may be a gooood time to revisit this particular post....
My personal experience with religion and Christianity in general has been complex to say the least. The 2 times I have "found" Jesus and let him into my heart were intense times of trial and tribulation in my life, a time of despair and desperation. When I would make it through these times and be able to look rationally at the situation, while thankful for the guidance, I also could not maintain faith in any real way. I carried a mustard seed and felt guilty that it never grew back into a tree. I also experienced a few times of "high" while in praise, literally reminding me of my younger years with some psychotropic drugs. I later learned of research that said similar parts of the brain are activated by deep religious fervor as with psychedelic drugs. Interesting thought that Jesus (any form of religious worship) is getting folks tripped out, high so they can handle the reality of life or escape from it. As I look more into the use of all kinds of pleasure in our culture, the numbing we use to ignore the realities, the hypocrisies of our lives, the more I understand "getting closer to God" as a means of escape. Of late, I have been able to fully embrace walking away from religion and not worrying so much about the existence of God. I am fortunate that at an early age my father told me that he believed that god was everywhere, everything including inside us. I have some totally new age style beliefs about the very nature of our existence on this plane that I can't shake, basically that we are spiritual beings, Gods if you will, and we come here to play in matter, for on this plane we experience emotions that we do not get on any other. But that is based on gut feelings, no real knowledge and thankfully does not bog me down with guilt, pleasing, it only pushes me to experience life fully, not to numb and run from that which I seek. It does not surprise me that one would hold onto their concept of God so tight, like a child's blanket or favorite toy, it provides security in a world of uncertainty. Asking people to realize they have the divine within is a frightening proposition. That would mean no one to follow, no one that is ultimately responsible, it would mean that we are culpable in our own lives. That shit is fierce hard for most people. It is taking away the meaning and the security. I struggle with it all the time and will always revert back to times when I lean back on god or the universe for a way where I cannot seem to make one. I cannot imagine how someone that was not gifted with a more liberal thought process from an early time in life could strip that away without total desperation.

This post is in response to Red Diamond and Charles Cartwright but it is wise for everyone to pay attention to this thread.


Pastor Eddie D. Smith Sr. - The Meaning of Namaste'

Regarding this pastor-shepard, happy to see that some of them are finally catching on!


@Cookie D.---Start here and this will get you on the path.



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