For those of you who are interested in the meaning of the term Namaska, please go to wickapedia and look up namaskar/namaste. Also read the Jonathan Livingston Seagull post by " Ms. Jessica Pope" under education and Gee is Geo is Earth and George is Earthman which also translates to farmer and this is the Husband of the land.

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Namaska, Dr. Black! I can only recognize the divine in you if I can first recognize the divine in me. Generally, that part is lost in our families of origin, where our first wounding occurs. It is there, my family, where I am set up for all that the larger construct has waiting for me. I am in the process of certification for Shadow Work (Copyright) facilitator. IMJ, it is paramount that I do critical self-reflection in order to see who I am and answer the question for the ages: To be or not to be? It is only when I reconnect with whom I am that I can truly answer that question and tap into the divine in me. It is quite easy to give the greeting and quite another to truly mean it. Those of us connected here have such a grand opportunity to deconstruct and then reconstruct the inner and outer Matrixes. It is my want that we, however you may interpret that, do so. Peace, God!
COOKINNNNNNG. My Dear, U are in the kitchen, Doing yo thang for REAL.
So what if a person cannot see the divine in themselves, especially those that have been indoctrinated into believing the divine is everywhere, but "in there"? How then can a person respect me when they cannot see themselves, again?

Are there any steps or processes to uncover the layers of "psyche lead" that would perhaps prevent one from seeing their Godliness? Certainly the family, religion and most of the education institutions are parties to this affliction or am I off base here?
Hi Al. I'm new to this site, but wanted to chime in here. You're on point. The concept that the divine is within makes perfect sense to me. I was literally attacked just this week because I've opted not to "christen" my children. As far as I'm concerned, my children were "christened" at conception. It's, religious upbringing and education pose tremendous resistance to the idea that we are inherently divine. I think it's worth considering how institutions and people have benefited from thinking God is somewhere "out there" and we therefore need to constantly seek out these intermediaries that can connect us to God.
Rashonda, welcome to the Red Pill. I loved your response. Most people I have come in contact with when I would dare suggest they too might be aspects of God will often turn an obstinate ear to my inference.

Not long ago I was at a men's store paying for my purchase. The cashier said to me, "God bless you" when I said I already have, she took exception to my comment. I tried to explain to her that the concept of God lived in all that could understand. She vehemently denied that and in fact told me I couldn't talk about "Her God" like that. When I replied that I didn't think she could not own or possess God, she told me to get behind her. rather than let it turn ugly I did what my son does when he is offended. I told her to have a nice and blessed day in the etymological sense.
You have made it to first base and if u keep going You will get to home plate!!!(B)
Some may be interested in this sort video someone posted of me on youtube:
Mr. Lewis I saw your feature on the Final Call show on facebook. My friend DeArra posted it and I'm glad I checked it out. It couldn't have come at a better time with all the controversy going on in the schools about President Obama's speech. The whole thing is a big distraction from the real issues if you ask me. My problem is how people in general are getting upset over the most irrelevant things.We got real issues like kids bringing guns to school,students graduating who can't even read, and a 30% drop-out rate but I don't see parents picketing outside of schools over those issues. Instead they would rather boycott the president's address to students. I honestly don't see the harm in that. The only argument I've heard is that (and even this is outlandish) his method is similar to Hitler. That this is some form of propaganda to brainwash your kids into being a slave to the state. Well most of us already are. And for most of our kids they will be too. I wish it wasn't that way, but like you say "it is what it is." As far as brainwashing, and Adolph Hitler references I think Hitler was trying to convince German people that they were superior to everyone else, and pure, and everyone else, especially Jews should be destroyed. Also these people feel like Obama is trying to be some super-celebrity who your children will idolize. Well what's wrong with that. Why shouldn't they idolize the president. I would much rather my child want to be like the president rather than a Lil' Wayne or Snoop Dogg. Then that would tell me that against all odds they feel like they can overcome ANYTHING to become WHATEVER THEY want to be in life. There are things that go on everyday in schools everywhere that have nothing to do with education and nobody has a thing to say about that: Gym, dances, proms, RELIGION, team sports. None of these things have anything to do with using your mind to make a living yet we continue to do them out of tradition. To most parents these things are more important than an actual education.
Well i could go on and on ranting. I just appreciated the knowledge you shared and wanted to thank you. As far as the history of "government schools" i never even thought about it. I feel bad for not, but my kids just started school so I still got time to prepare myself to teach them WHAT I KNOW to be true when they get home from school. Make sure I know about it if your ever have a public speech or something somewhere. I would really like to meet you and possibly even have a conversation or two. I checked out the websites you suggested and it was like getting a Christmas present. Thank you.
Quentin, thanks for posting on this site. If you stick around a while you may find you are in good company and amongst many people who think and behave as you. Also if you know DeAara you know someone I am relative to, she is my daughter. In fact she is on her way to my house to show me a few tricks about face book. I'm an old cat trying to navigate through this new technology, you dig?

My man, you wrote a page full and I couldn't agree more. I too shake my head in wonderment at the lack of indignation in the case of parents who serve their children up to a system dedicated to corralling, labeling and preparing most of them to become laborers or prisoners. Only the select few will be guided through this maze of deceit to live well, but still at the service, as you so aptly stated, to the system.

On Wednesday nights at First Congregational Church on Cooper we have what we call dictionary class. It is facilitated by my guide and mentor, Dr. Clifford Black. It starts at 6:00 p.m. and I am usually there. I know I will be there tomorrow. DeAara attends sometimes also. The class is on the 3rd floor in the rear of the church. If you come get there a little early so we can show you the room. It is a huge church.

If you cannot make it there stay connected to this site and we will post upcoming trainings. You may also be surprised at the depth of some of the posts. I find that most of them are well researched, thought out and highly relevant. So take your time and shift through the forum and blog. Post a question or comment. Someone will gladly engage you in a respectful manner. We insist upon that.

Also we host a few internet radio programs. Super Learning, hosted by Mr. Black airs nightly at 6:00 p.m. on . The Underground Railroad hosted by yours truly airs every Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. at the same address.

Again, thank you for your time, I know it is valuable and again stick around we all may learn something and that is where it's at.
Namaska/Namaste The divinity within you. The divine within is the I (subjective). The (objective) case of I is the me. This is symbolized with the symbol of the sun, the point within a circle. The round eternal circle/cycle is the divine pattern - spin;spiral;spiritual. Also this symbol is the symbol of consciousness - spiritual awareness, perception, revelation, channeling, telepathy, turning in, and thought. The divine pattern is Involution and Evolution. The descent of spirit into matter and the ascent spirit therefrom. The cycle [ Involution-Unfolding; Devolution-Descenting/Down; Revolution-Turning; Evolution-Ascenting/Up ]. The Evolution of Consciousness. Ps: As above; So below: 0 to 360 degrees below + 0 to 360 degrees above = 720 degrees total. ZOOM-ZOOM Jonathan!
I Hear (feel) you Brother Melvin (Jonathan).
If anyone is missing Lord "Jessica's" Namaska post it has been moved to the blog page!!
I use this greeting frquently followed by the question , if you can't see the God in me and I can't see the God in you, does God exist. The peeps I talk to in this manner usually look at me as if I'm the crazy one but I love to greet the clergy with it. They tend to be momentarily dumbfounded. I must stop plying with people but it is for me quite a transition. We /I tend to learn a lot in play.


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