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In an effort to investigate the Elaine Race Riot, also called the Elaine Massacre, which occurred on September 30, 1919 in the town of Elaine in Phillips County, Arkansas, the NAACP sent field secretary Walter F. White, to Elaine in October 1919. White, who was of mixed heritage, blond, blue-eyed and able to pass for white, was granted credentials from the Chicago Daily News. This enabled him to obtain an interview with Governor Brough, who in turn gave him a letter of recommendation and an autographed photograph. 

White used his appearance to increase his effectiveness in conducting investigations of lynchings and race riots in the American South. He could "pass" and talk to whites, but also managed to identify himself as black and talk to the African-American community. Such work was dangerous, but he investigated 41 lynchings and eight race riots while working with the NAACP.  White served as the head of the NAACP from 1931 to 1955. 

@Adisa---A large number of Mr. White's relatives are now what are called white people.  This thing starts to get real confusing.


Charles W. Chestnutt served on the general committee of the NAACP and 1928 Spingarn Award recipient. On January 31, 2008, the US Postal Service honnored him with the 31st stamp in the Black Heritage Series. 

WHITE PERSONS (Bouvier's Law Dictionary 1856). The acts of congress which authorize the naturalization of aliens, confine the description of such aliens to free white persons.

2. This of course excludes the African race when pure, but it is not easy to say what shade of color or mixture of blood will make a white person.

3. The constitution of Pennsylvania, as amended, confines the right of citi-zenship to free white persons; and these words, white persons, or similar words, are used in most of the constitutions of the southern states, in describing the electors.

This can get to be very strange.!!!!!

Adisa -This is an interesting article that you have found!!!



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