Connect this to the class and class 1 discussions and it can possibly help those few who are serious about LEARNING TO LEARN.


Major Barriers to Learning

Lack of Mass - Often, if someone is transmitting a thought about an object or a concept and the receiver has no idea of what the message looks like (the symbol), we refer to that as a lack of mass. The "mass" is representative of a picture that the mind can focus on as to began the learning process. Without mass, either confusion and/or boredom and, thus, disengagement will be the consequence; unless a process for establishing mass is introduced quickly as to continue the learning process. One way for the facilitator to do that is to continuously scan the audience looking for clues of disengagement and to employ re-engagement tools such as question asking, immediate assignments, a feelings whip encouraging honest feedback, and re-covering the course material.

Lack of mass for our purposes is anytime a participant does not get the complete picture. Antidote - revisit the material and point out to the student how to learn it for themselves


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Doc, them damn blue lights are sparkling brother. I see and feel what you mean on the real man!

@ Al---Very few people ever get the chance to see and feel those fireworks and blue-lights and most people never having the experience are quick to say that it is not real. In fact, the few who experience this phenomena are reluctant to talk about it for fear of being ridiculed and called different but once you are comfortable this shit is just as good as climax....


Dr. Black I am looking forward to getting over the barriers and see the sparkling blue lights and fireworks 


Being a person who learns best through visualization, I can recall getting the feeling of confusion and/or boredom and just tuning out what was being discussed in class.  

@Adisa---In the future you will have the power to do with what you have what you were not taught how to do as a young person.


I see this working in Daniel.  Addition facts seem to "stick" when we work with the number line I have taped on the wall in his bedroom, moreso than when he listens to Hooked on Math audio tapes. 


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