This is a series of posts between Mr. Wise and myself on the words slave, nigger and race. Read it and see if you can find the inconsistencies and also just how blinding the lack of understanding of how language works can be even to a so called expert.

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I needed this, at this time, right now, at this moment. Also, for those who are serious about how to get some understanding of all this, you may want to go back and read what the young lady (Quita), is saying. She points out to us about the freedom to "believe"what you will. This is what she learned from a theory construction class. An aspect of this same POWER is your ablity to refuse to believe anything whatsoever, no matter what it may be about. Once this power is utilized, then, and only then, will you be able to open the gate that leads onto the pathway to FREEDOM.
I absolutely love this conversation, and the way you used the story to show the different perspective in which one can perceive a single word. I've always believed that you are what you answer to. Too often we give our personal power away by allowing others to confine us by the words that they use to define us. I also love the way that you addressed the word "slave". I have always been disturbed how people have tried to define "black people" as descendants of slaves, when, in truth, we are the descendants of free men and women who were forced into slavery when brought against their will to the "New World". I see very clearly now why you say that it is important whose eyes we see ourselves through, because our perception determines our ultimate destination. He who sees himself through the eyes of someone else's narrow perspective are doomed to be a victim of limited possibilities.
Brother Genei,
Consider this: Try to reprogram your brain to think, ASCENDANT (up), never descen(t)dent(down from) of Free Persons, (In Truth) who were forced into bondage and a condition of totalatarian oppression. Reframe as much as possible from the usage of the words slave and slavery.
Brother Black, I totally understand where you are coming from, and I agree to a point. It is very true that we came from Free Persons. In the context of consciousness, how many of us have truly ascended in consciousness, and how many of us have descended in consciousness? I know that you stated that "slave" was a mispronunciation of the word "slav" who were people who were defeated and humiliated, and, basically, signed up to be willingly subjected to indentured servitude. But, when we reach the center of every conversation about any subject, we realize the center of it all is consciousness. So, wouldn't it be a misappropriation of terms if I were to identify anyone who has not ascended to become a free-thinking person an "ascendant" of free persons, and, if a person refuses consciousness, wouldn't that be subjecting yourself to a type of mental oppression or slavery?
You are on the money, and, that is why whatever it is that I have been trying to get across can not be heard by slaves nor their new offspring.
Whatever they say that their ancestors were on yesterday is in fact what they ARE today. Brother Gene I am not ever talking to slaves and they DO exist in the USA. It is choice to not use denigrating terms when I speak not because of respect for others but as a system of respect for my-self. So those who would choose to limit their range of consciousness to the size of the thread used for cloth can in fact kma.
The water that I choose to share is for the child of Akennaten.
Peace Lord!!!
I grok, Brother Black. I grok.

I make sure to reprogram my brain to think ascendant, it never occured to me but the "family tree" always branches up and out but I often used the word descendent down.

Let me 1st go back and re-examine the word "nigger" first and then move up to the "nigga". Things are not what is being stated.
I accept what you say.
Al, what a beautiful picture you painted of the possibility of a "real world" experience for Tim Wise. The point was clearly made. My judgement is that Wise, like mostly everyone not in their 20s or younger, in caught up in the intricate web of nonsense in which we live. It seems to me that Wise thinks he is different because of... well, I'm not certain why he thinks that he is immune to the same affliction which was with the grandmother until the end. Certainly, he witnessed it's power with that experience. I know that I did by merely reading the story which he wrote. It's hard to see the forest when you are in the midst of the trees. Extracting oneself from this "Matrix" just long enough to get a glimpse of it from the outside is not easy; however, just a glimpse, from that new perspective can be liberating, that is, (if you're like me) once you get past having been "had." So, to Tim Wise, I use the words of that great young woman, Lauren Kristin Taylor and say, "Whatever, nigga!"
Mr Wise is the writer of "White Like Me" and other written racial examinations???
Barry, yes that is he.


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