PEOPLE WE MAY WANT TO KNOW ABOUT: Just returned from a rather long trip and had a thought about how people are always saying that they want to know about things that have happened in the past and also about what is going on at present.  On this site there is a list of names of people that could possibly help us to develop certain needed insights regarding our lives.  And so I have added another name to the list of persons that some of us might want to know something about.  For those who are interested please look under education on the forum tab for the above post. Find the new name and then give your reserch analysis about this scientist and the other great minds that you will there find the names listed.  Doing this work will help.


also the links below will connect to good data.

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Just received information about this person checking out. I have asked everyone to acquire and READ one of his books Foucault's Pendulum, 1989).  Here is a little data about his life.


There are those who say that this is the "Father" of what is called "Black History".


This is important data Please Learn--

Please learn about this woman!  Annie Malone

We may have this person listed but just in case here it is ....

here u can find youtube post--just let them play.

John F. Kennedy

This is important information!

and her father, was

who was the person that invented "Dry Cleaning" of clothing and other cloths.


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