PEOPLE WE MAY WANT TO KNOW ABOUT: Just returned from a rather long trip and had a thought about how people are always saying that they want to know about things that have happened in the past and also about what is going on at present.  On this site there is a list of names of people that could possibly help us to develop certain needed insights regarding our lives.  And so I have added another name to the list of persons that some of us might want to know something about.  For those who are interested please look under education on the forum tab for the above post. Find the new name and then give your reserch analysis about this scientist and the other great minds that you will there find the names listed.  Doing this work will help.


also the links below will connect to good data.

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Go to the forum and find the education tab then enter into the serch the name Father Devine or Harry Haywood---for one to understand what is happening at the present time it may be important to know something about these people and what was going on during their life-times.

Maybe this will help!

Click on the above links and gain insights that most people have no idea about!

Even in Feb it seems like only a small number of people have the desire to learn about the past ---maybe someone can tell why that seems to be the case!!!!

John Oliver Killens

If this thread does not attract users by the end of this month then I will delete for lack of interest.


As per request: Attn. Dave Jones,adding Rustin.

Find link in main window!

"We must join a crusade to decolonize the minds of black people. No one else will do this work, so we must."- John Oliver Killens

I will look into his novel works!

Once upon a time, in my classes, it was required reading to read everything that could be found, that had been written by this Author, starting with,

"Black Man's Burden".


J.O. Killens, of course, is one of the great masters.

Trinidadian-born historian C.L.R. James was a contemporary of his. I find James' narrative of Black resistance accessible and compelling; with lots of good information & sharp, comprehensible analysis. Here's a link to his 1939 New International publication, "Revolution and the Negro":

It's a short piece, & for me it filled in some gaps. For example, here James covers critical but little-explored history about what was going on in 19th-century France & French colonies; this broadened by perspective.

C.L.R. James wrote: "The only place where Negros did not revolt is in the pages of capitalist historians."

Enjoy all!

There are so many to study--- check this out---

once the picture is up and in front of you, click on a face and go to that page and study.

I am looking into this.

The class on Sunday dictates that this must be listed:


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