This morning on my 2 hour commute, not rare when it rains in this area, I had alot going on in my head.  I used the time this morning to attempt to come to an understand of a few things.  Strangely enough, I just so happen to recall something that I had forgotten about.  When I was younger, there was a time that I wanted to study psychology, not sure what happened or what caused me to not pursue it or even what caused me to forget about it.  I just found that to be interesting and now I wonder if that dream or goal was a way to assist me to better understand my mind or an attempt to assist others also.  Thankfully the Red Pill, Dr. B and other god like minds on this forum provide a means to push beyond the confinments of this world.

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Comment by Brandon Imhotep on December 8, 2011 at 11:33am

Reading this @Adisa i think that the American dream, integration and Christian doctrine must have been sold/programmed very well. My family background on both sides is very powerful on paper, but in real life, divided and conquered. Yet, i still feel like i am on a genetic memory journey to break and start a cycle like the monarch butterflies! My mother gave me letters to her from my father a month ago a little after my 33rd birthday (he passed when i was 2) and i could see myself in his text! Life ain't fair and like Pac said.. there will never be peace! But, it is what it is! We are here/being and our parents did everything they were supposed to do within the laws of nature. Now that we have easy access to the information that makes it easier to master man's law and this thing we call civilization... it is up to us not to drop the ball! We have the easiest hand off within the last 500 years. 

Comment by Adisa on December 8, 2011 at 10:25am

Namaska Brandon.  No worries.  I dont recall ever having a discussion with my parents about what I wanted to pursue or BE when I grew up.  My father was the provider/disciplinarian in the home and my mother, was the nuturer.  Not many real probing questions from either of them.  My father is a business owner and has always been, I admire the way he can take an idea and get it to grow into a business.  The only thing is he was so driven in growing his business ideas, he never took the time to develop that strength in either me or my brother.  As children in school we would mimick him and we would make money buying candy and selling it in school and on the bus to school.  Now that you mention Nadine's son dancing and that you wanted to learn how to DJ, I remember after seeing the movie Breakin, I wanted to learn to breakdance.  My brother and I were talking about becoming street breakdancers and my father laughing said it was a waste of time and that there was no real money to be made street dancing.  That's great knowing, you decided to teach yourself and bought your own equipment.  After watching the movie The Spook Who Sat by the Door, I watched a few videos featuring Sam Greenlee and how they filmed the movie guerilla style.  He also said something that resinated with me, he said if you want to make a movie, you do not have to be accepted and beg to make a movie in hollywood, just get a camera and start filming what you see.  He went on to say that if you are in the film industry for the money, then make the money and stop complaining about how unfair hollywood is otherwise just do it yourself, teach yourself and make the movies you want to make.  Those words of wisdom sound just a little familiar, do you hear them?

Comment by Brandon Imhotep on December 8, 2011 at 6:47am
@Adisa I see the answer to my question.... smh @ me
Comment by Brandon Imhotep on December 8, 2011 at 6:43am
@Adisa Did you ever tell your parents or was it just a thought in your mind? People need to start paying more attention to what their children show interest in, and help them understand all aspects of what they enjoy doing. If the child loves the NBA, we should have them study the business side just as much they do the game and players. (I think that's one of the reasons why Dr. Black posted Nadine's son dancing to/like MJ) I remember telling my mother that i want to learn how to DJ in 6th grade, it never happeded, so finally at 18 when i could afford to buy my own equipment, i started to teach myself.

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