I was having a conversation with Mr. Black this afternoon and I shared with him how on CNN a young principal of a charter school from Connecticut shared last night how tired he was of people giving their autobiographical responses to the issues and problems facing the youth of today. He referenced the old standby, “When I was young if I did wrong I would get a whipping all down the street, by strangers”.

He went on to state that a great part of the denial of so called black people is that their children have lost respect for them based on their own behavior and that they are in denial of that impact. Now that’s a paradox inside an enigma and something I think needs some serious and analytical thought.

As the conversation progressed Mr. Black said something that resonated with me to my core and I am paraphrasing, he said, “With the exception of so called black people and so called Hispanics why don’t other groups have spokespersons for them?” He went on to say that your news networks and in particular CNN trots out a cadre of black experts including, but not limited to, Dyson, West, Gates, Smiley, Martin, T.D. Jakes, Eddie Long and others as if they and they alone have the pulse and understanding of every so called black person and their problems in the country.

He asked me did I ever see panels of American Koreans or Japanese on these shows? I responded that I did not and that I don’t see panels of so called white people experts either. Why not? Are the news networks suggesting that so called white people are not poor, are not ignorant, and don’t experience crime and other issues plaguing the people of this country?

What do you think the consequence is of this? What impact does it have on the brains of those watching these panels of pseudo subject matter experts? I don’t ever remember CNN contacting me to ask if I am selecting any of them to speak on my behalf. Of all the (PSMEs) only the young brother from Connecticut makes any sense and even he isn’t aware of how he is being used.
Mr. Black, shared with me that this has been going on a long time from Merv Griffin inviting James Brown on his show as a PSME to CNN inviting Gatling gunned mouthed Negroes on with a host of clichés but absolutely no solutions. Now I loved Mr. Brown’s music especially his “Say it Loud”, but that doesn’t make James an expert of the problems and issues facing so called black people.

I might add if you live by cliché you die by cliché principally because few people know and understand the vital contextual nuisances of the cliché they are quoting. They sound good as sound bytes, but as they say in 12th step programs, “You can’t work them off the wall.” In other words how do you make them applicable when you don’t really know what they mean.?
Take for example the much touted, especially after Hillary Clinton, used it, “It takes a whole village to raise a child.” For a time during that period it was hard to attend an event peopled by Negros where you wouldn’t hear this as if it was applicable in an urban environment in the first place.

First off there would need to be a continuum concept present to nurture and expand it to a reality. Secondly if a group truly wanted to do that they had better gain a clear and deeper understanding of language because if not they will be setting their children up to be ab-used!

Most people will assume erroneously that the word whole, in the cliché “It takes a WHOLE village” to mean ENTIRE village. Okay then act on that assumption and in no time at all your babies will be returned to you beaten, sexualized, stupefied and zombified because you would have entrusted them to an entire village of damn fools without employing any vetting process.

Now if you take the word whole for what it really means and please don’t act as if you already knew this if you didn’t, whole means healthy, and now apply the cliché, you get an entirely different context. Yes that might work if you indeed had a village of mental, emotional and physical healthy adults caring for the little ones.

However, the converse is in effect in the remnants of what used to be community. You’d be putting the cart before the horse and in that with crystal clear clarity I understand Mr. Black’s deep desire and angst at trying to get adults to see that they must learn the language so that they may think critically to prevent someone else, CNN, to do their thinking for them.

That way when our children are presented with the dilemma of seeing and hearing people who look similar to them, but are saying things that are contrary to them having a healthy and productive existence on this planet, the adults relative to them who have learned how to know can point out to them that what they are seeing and hearing is falsely constructed, how it is in error and that it is basically bullshit that has NOTHING to do with them! Now you have a healthy village folks….

What do you choose to do?

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Al, I had to go back a read Dr. Black's thread on the power of seeing after this. I was reminded of a young lady on youtube who exposed the hidden side of these so called bishops, elders, and pastors. In fact, it was from her page that I found a link to kymatica. Apparently, she learned how to do harm to others using very old technology while in the so called black church. What she suggested was that there was a world behind the world portrayed in the media and only those with the eyes to see will see. She even named names and some of the practices these so called leaders engage in when no one is looking. Her channel has been deleted.

Of course, there is ample evidence to deconstruct the concept of affinity based on shared oppressive conditions or complexion. However, this is not motivation for many to actually create for themselves a different way of seeing as if it is a matter of life or death. On the contrary, when the issue of allegiances that go beyond this world enters the picture the stakes of the game are much higher. The choice to ignore the abuses of these self proclaimed first niggers may lead to extinction.
La, I have in my possession somewhere some of the techniques the leaders of the churches use and they are old and effective mental technologies, but most are not aware that they are being entranced and enchanted when they enter a church or a television for that matter. Humans are animals, I mean physically and are subject to the same stimuli that affects animals, via the 5 known senses and just perhaps some that are unknown presently to the general masses.

A wise person would have to concede that they (the construct) has the capacity to influence a person's decisions in matters of choice hence the banning of subliminal messages in advertisements, or so they claim. I am suggesting that it is all subliminal rather they call it that or not. Once one understands that language (words) simply invoke and project pictures (images) onto the brain's inner screen and this process happens so quickly most people are not aware they are getting got, they may then glean that a lot of decisions they thought (believed) that they made independently may have been subtly induced by another process foreign to their own will.

Of course unwise people will continue to ignore what has and is happening to them and will allow others to think and speak for them. What I don't know how to do yet, and I will accept any help I can get, is how to contact CNN in particular to let them know they, the (First Niggers) cannot and do not speak for me nor do I wish to be a spokesperson for anyone else without their consent. I do want to counter what they are saying with some logical thought and some aspect of truth.

So if anyone on the red pill knows of a way I can do this please let me know. I think this is urgent and critical because I suspect laws, policy, rules, regulations, beliefs, opinions, judgments, albeit unsound ones, may be formulated predicated on this morass of lies and illusions.
Wow, let me take a couple of looks at the implications of this information about language. So what you are suggesting is that anytime language is used it is a subliminal process? And if language is a subliminal process then in order to ensure my ability to think for myself, I must understand where in my life I may be linguistically influenced against my will.
La wrote, "I must understand where in my life I may be linguistically influenced against my will." If I had a Cuban cohiba I'd fedex it to you brother. That's the sure shot they have going for them, the ignorant masses, for real and for real. That's why they don't teach real thinking skills to the masses, it doesn't serve them for the masses to know how to think.......... for themselves.

Just ask yourself how many people you know who know what the letter A means? Not many I bet. Okay if that be the case how on earth would they know the real meanings of most words? They, like I did at one time, only assumed, via contextual definitions, that they know what a particular word means.. In this game a miss is as good as a mile. IN other words when it comes to language and especially when that language allows you to forge thoughts about yourself, don't play it like horseshoes, close don't count!
I hear you Al. Impeccability is of the utmost importance. A part of me resists this work because it always means more responsibility. But I've pasted the point of no return. I wonder why there are certain people for whom knowing truth is a biological necessity and yet others seem to survive on fairy tales.
"I wonder why there are certain people for whom knowing truth is a biological necessity and yet others seem to survive on fairy tales." La, maybe it is a part of how things are constructed or maybe it's meant to drive those that do follow the path of truth insane? Maybe it's all in the numbers and only a few are biologically predisposed to want to know truth? Maybe only those variants are biologically equipped to sat with truth with they find it? I don't know, but I do know that's a damned good question and if you ever find the answer you make sure you tell me so I can grow old and rich with you.
Al, I think it's the loneliness of knowing and seeing that has me wish that more people would be genetically motivated to seek and hold truth. I do think that truth requires certain energetic and biological conditions to survive in a human body(and so does nonsense) but I also think the organizing factors of these conditions are ancestral, instinctive, and initiatory, though I am still gathering and analysing evidence of this.

Honestly, I think the energetic and spiritual core of the species is geometrically patterned to know truth and beauty. I think this core exists and is gaining strength regardless of how the image of the current world occurs to the five senses. I think that holding the potentials of the core creates the conditions under which people are freed up emotionally and cognitively to evolve. In other words, I think just being has the power to impact the cognitive and emotional vibration of the species in the way that a child being in proximity to a grandparent that honors and respects the child's essence will journey through life aware of that essence. There is evidence to suggest certain subgroups of the species are biologically and cognitively deevolving. Still I think the primary organizing principles of the species are more subtle and that the pulse of evolution is in the palms of our hands.

I remember being at a talk with Malidoma when he suggested that the frequency at which a person vibrates reveals the person's origin and age. He suggested that some of us had just arrived and therefore have a very difficult time adjusting to the mental climate of the prevailing world construct. Consequently, these young souls are prone to insanity, particularly the type of insanity where they can not distinguish between sanity and insanity. On the contrary, I am attracted to the idea of being a vast planet like research center for the core of the species. This can only happen to a person after a certain level of knowledge and experience and I think that I am particularly biologically and energetically suited for this, not by accident. I also think that within my lifetime a relatively large number of the species will access a particular genetic mutation that will call forth the original patterning and thinking of the core.
La, it is interesting that you wrote this. I have dedicated the last 2 years of my life intensely focusing on, studying and identifying the impediments and inner patterns that reveal themselves in individuals and groups that allow them to ignore and deny truth or what is real.

I am not doing this for a term paper or an essay or to prove my superior intellect. I am just a cat off the streets who has an interest in not being the low man on the totem pole and not to be connected to people of the same status. In chief I am doing it simply because it fascinates me that just how deep the societal indoctrination of denial and to ignore has been implanted into and onto the psyches of the species. I have noticed that people will try with all their might to hold on to old and bygone notions and thoughts of what was and in some cases that what was still wasn't much. I watch with acute interest as people read out loud words that compose ideas and ignore vital words germane to the idea. This has proven not to be the exception, but the rule.

Have you noticed that if you ask most people about social problems they will simply magnify the problems even if your question was more focused on solutions? Secondly I often hear an autobiographical script no matter how out of context that script is as it relates to present issues. In discussing pertinent issues people will leave out vital data because they didn't understand one word in a sentence. hat do they do? They will either read right by it or ignore it. What makes that happen? What is that process? What do you think the impact of that has been? More importantly are there groups that know that people do this?

Here is an example. There are mega problems with violence in many of the schools. A very common response I hear is, "When I was in school the teacher beat us and when we got home our parents beat us too." Is anyone considering these are the children of children that were beaten repeatedly yet they have raised children who are inflicting violence upon each other and the teachers at alarming and deadly rates? Tell me logically how can you expect to diminish violence by inflicting violence? I know you inflict fear right? That's actually what they are saying when they propose bring back severe corporeal punishment back to the schools.

My concern is less and less young people will not have a chance to evolve their core essence of being because they are being cheated out of the opportunity to do so. I think we are in the midst of giant undercover and subtle war for the very souls of our species. You have various factions shouting to the rafters all kinds of inane, insane bullshit and these are the ones it appears that have the bully pull pits to succeed with their sub mediocre thinking, if you can call that crap thinking in the first place.

There are a few people really offering something REAL. I think you are witnessing that on this site. I don't think we are the only place or people that are, but I do think the numbers are few.
If you notice only a few people interact and/or respond. I wonder why? I ask that in all sincerity.

Here we have an unique site that offers opportunities to learn and dialogue and gain information and techniques that even few schools provide and only a small few participate. Is learning that boring? Are we that far off the mark? Is this just the wishful and hopeful thinking of a few and a very few of us that understand what power is and how it can really work?

I am not blaming anybody. This is my personal frustration. This is no theory, I can attest personally what this learning process has done for my ability to cognize, see and comprehend what I am seeing. I have seen the impact it has had on many of my family members and friends. I am not wondering or hoping that this works. I know it works. I know, am goddamnit 100% convinced this can change the people of the world to be empowered instead of being sheep who depend of the power of others to think for them.

Am I that far off the mark? Am I crazy for thinking people would want to really know how to think for themselves? Or is it that people believe what they have been doing all alone is thinking? I found how it was not in my case and I have been at this for years homeboy and whenever I get the opportunity I ask people what the word think means. I have never gotten a correct answer. How then is it possible to be doing something and one doesn't know what it is they are supposed to be doing in the first place? Please help me to understand that?

So now here is an opportunity for people to expand their mental capabilities exponentially and only a few have the courage to take advantage of it. Now that is INSANITY and it is insane by any other name. Again I am not criticizing, I can do that and do it well. I am simply naming what I am seeing. If someone else has a clearer and cleaner explanation, please share it with me.
"My concern is less and less young people will not have a chance to evolve their core essence of being because they are being cheated out of the opportunity to do so. I think we are in the midst of giant undercover and subtle war for the very souls of our species."

Al, this statement has rocked me to the core and I'm learning to integrate it and this process is much slower than I would like it to be.

I am in the inquiry of how to go as deep as I can into this realm and keep creating and delivering that which is mine to create and deliver.
La, I was at a meeting today with several community activists, several PHDs. Phychiatrists, Clinical Social Workers, the whole gamut of concerned Negroes.
The usual question came of of what do "we" do. I suggested creating a"Think Tank" to employ critical and analytical thinking skills. They agreed, but when I asked them what thinking meant, no one knew.

Of course they simmered the issues down to the stress of institutionalized racism. When I suggested to them that race was a false construct and that some of the stress was of their own doing because of their ignorance I was shot harsh stares especially from the Afro-Centric crew that was in attendance.

I am seeing more and more how deep the investiture people have in their own oppression. When one suggests that novel thought to a group one had better be prepared for group isolation. It is something about what is true that misses people and frankly I am tired of ringing the freedom bell for Negroes.

Consequently I am changing my focus to working with young people who are not too infected with their own inferiority. That too will be difficult,
I think that one of the hardest lessons to learn is to let people you love go through their own shit because they insist on learning things to hard way. Some will need to die or be astronomically transformed before they can even know what they are here to do. I think working with young people is a wise choice. They say don't cast pearls before swine and from what I've seen you are the keeper of pearls, diamonds, rubies, and precious treasures of kinds.
Thanks Al for an invitation to the possiblities of critical thinking and (cliche) "well informed" conversation.
It has been out of personal intrest and the refusal to imply uneducated responses to such issues that
I REMAINED from responding to such questions. But with Dr. Black's inquiries of my participation on the site
and this well addressed question, hopefully I shall do the research (and I have begone to do) to find my
way to positive dialog.
peace lord


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